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Monday, March 30, 2009

Hip-hop history- The Kids Of rap

Hip-hop wass started by the youth of inner cities to express themselves. Teenage artists like Roxanne Chante and LL Cool J helped shape hip-hop to the way that it is today. Following them, came even younger acts, like Kriss Kross and the subject of today's little blog, "Another Bad Creation".

Mike Bivins of New Edition found ABC and they released an album in 1991 which featured "playground" and this next clip "Iesha".

You know that was rocking when it played in the early 90's. They put out 2 more albums afterward and formed their own label which released a compilation album as late as 2006.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hot Joints

First up is my girl Babs who is coming through representing for real female skill. Now she isn't the prettiest girl but this song right here rocks pimpin.

This is my other new banger, Maino and T-Pain with "All the Above" not an original title but it works.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Do Beats make the songs now?

There has been a lot of change going on in the hip-hop world. While we may be able to debate whether or not lyricism is dying or dead, we can agree that production is more widely varied than before. In the South, there are the crashing sounds of producers Like the Runners and Cool and Dre whose tracks sound like portions of a movie score. The West Coast still offers some of the best funk beats around with Dr. Dre still plugging away. The new era wave of sounds extends to the East coast and midwest with producers like 9th wonder and the deceased J. Dilla infusing 70's and 80's soul into classical hip-hop productions. The old classic East Coast sound is till around with Sha Money XL and Needlz plugging away and the ever reliable hitmaker Swizz Beatz not going anywhere.

A lot of this has to do with the ready availability of computers and beatmaking/ recording software such as cubase and pro tools. This has allowed new generations of aspiring m.c.'s, who make their own beats to save money, and aspiring producers to have greater access to the same tools as the "professionals". The internet has also created a larger market for sharing said productions, making a larger network for producers to have their work be heard.

The ability of local artists to get airplay on local radio helps within certain geographic areas for producers. Look at Atlanta, the thriving music scene in the city has allowed for local producers like Lil' Jon, Jazze Pha, and even DJ Toomp to gain a foothold and get the spins necessary to gain national recognition.

I would say that in this era, the production values have been raised to a certain extent while lyricism has declined. The good thing is that there is a lot more variety to choose from, we can only hope that rappers learn how to utilize it to the best of their abilities, and if the ability is lacking, that they pass the track to someone who could use them, like Nas.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

WorldStarHipHop ain't right

Look I know I grab videos from there but a lot of the stuff they post is bullshit. Like music from people in the industry is relevent sometimes, but posting everyone's video blog on Chris Brown and Rihana is ridiculous. Then you have random dudes who get a video posted, then come right back, to clarify and set the record straight for 15 seconds of fame.

who is this dude? Do we really care that he isn't related to Yayo? If he was would it even matter? Tony Yayo is barely on the edge of relevance himself, and thats only because he is with 50 Cent.

This dude gets play because he rapped against Charles "I'm nobody either" Hamilton and got some laughs and giggles. Why do I really need videos of Lil Boosie going shopping? Please World star, let's do a lot better with the platform we have.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Hip-Hop Love Songs 2

Now last time I talked about hip-hop love songs I made a comment about "Poetry chicks". I'm paraphrasing there, but you need to go back and check it out. The focus of that post was the myriad of songs by Common that I felt strongly represented black love. I'm a married man so a lot of those feelings are still fresh for me. I think a lot of guys sometimes forget how it feels after a certain amount of time in a relationship. Women do the same, so hopefully the songs I post in the Hip-Hop Love Songs series can help you in your relationship.

Today I have a joint from one of my favorite duos, Dead Prez, two revolutionaries who have a refreshing perspective on life in general and an ability to think deeply yet keep their material accessible for those who get the chance to hear it. So take this one in, Dead Prez and "Mind Sex" as always if you have a suggestion don't hesitate to let me know, and drop a comment about this video down below. Close your eyes and catch the imagery.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I was trying not to...

I wasn't going to put out an opinion on Chris Brown and Rihanna, and I'm not really going to get into that in particular too much, but I do have something to say about this:

Awww, Oprah, you do care about hip-hop, breaking it down that is. Now I'm not the biggest Oprah fan, but I agree she has power has done a lot in her life and is a real role model for young girls. I try not to look for reasons to bash the lady because too many people in my generation have in some way or another bashed on her. She does however, have a history of knocking hip-hop celebs like Nelly, Ludacris,etc...

This isn't knocking but not minding her own damn business. According to this opinion, it sounds like no man who ever hits a woman can change. That's not a good look for someone who gives people a chance. I mean why say that he is going to do bad again instead of praying for the young man and trying to help him get himself together.

Why does she have to be worried specifically about Chris and Rihana anyway? Shouldn't she be worried about her school in Africa? How about adopting the rest of the kids that Angelina Jolie left. How is it that she as an actress can take care of all of those kids yet Oprah doesn't have any? Let me stop knocking O for her hustle though.

I'd just prefer if she didn't get specific in denouncing the dude and trying to save a young woman when he as a young man might be the one who needs the help.

Monday, March 9, 2009

They Might be Trippin, but these dudes are right...

So if you watch this clip you gonna see Jermaine Dupri and some of his production team answering some questions using an online chat. I'm not interested too much in the Kriss Kross portion, or Jermaine Dupri stuntin like an asshole as he normally does.

My topic is going in about the when NO I.D. talks about female rappers and how they need to talk about topics that interest women. I have to feel the same way. Female rappers need to stop trying to appeal to men because we're not buying your shit anyway. Get over it, stop trying to be something that you're not.

If you represent for the women like Eve, or LIl Kim did and tell their experiences they won't have any reason to doubt you. For the fellas, as long as you show some skin, we'll look at you.

Friday, March 6, 2009

It's Alive!!!

The biggest phrase of the past few years has been Hip-Hop is dead. Let me tell you, it ain't. It may not live in the mainstream as much as it should, but it's still around and today it popped up in a big way for me. I might try to find a way to post some music so you can hear it, but I don't like having my posts removed when I share something.

First Ima say CNN, that's Capone-n-Noreaga must be trying to get me to buy cd's again. This joint they have coming out on the album called "Grand Royal" is straight hot fire. Premier I must say did his thing on this song and Nore was killing it lyrically and you know Capone did his thing. And when I say killing it, I don't mean the normal funny ass Noreaga lines we give him props for, but some straight up lyrical heat.

You all should know by now that I'm a Slaughterhouse fan so you just need to find "Fight Club" somewhere and give it a listen with the unorthodox verse setup that takes me back to the Wu days.

And Speaking of that, Red and Meth are back with "A Yo", and the shit is just fire. Redman especially rips the track. Meth doesn't slip up either with the lyrics and the beat knocks. They need to do a street video for this.

and Ghostface is out with "Message from Ghostface", the version featuring Novel is on allhiphop.comright here. This song needs to be on the radio to give some positive inspiration to the young women out there. I mean I heard "OJ da Juiceman" but this song probably won't see the light of the masses and it needs to.
You should remember Novel from a few years ago on Rawkus, and he has got some new material coming out soon.

People also think the West Coast fell off, it didn't. I happen to like The Game but the next thing is Nipsey Hussle. I heard a freestyle with him and Jay Rock and he did his thing, but also had an air of credibility about him that I can deal with. This new song "Payback" is a gangsta political song in the vein of Ice Cube.

the highlight however, is an example of "Good Nas". Unlike Bad Nas who occupied the verse on "My President is Black", the mc on "If I Ruled the World 2009" is the fiery Queens guy who we loved in the late 90's. The lyrics are there, as are the flow, subject matter and ability to include the streets and spit some knowledge.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hip-hop Love songs

What's love got to do with it? Love has got a lot to do with it. In the hip-hop community, there aren't a plethora of songs that showcase the love between a man and a woman on mature terms. I have to include the term mature because most of the recent songs about male and female relations are ghettofied and very immature at the core. The genre basically started with the classic, "I need Love" by LL. But that isn't where it begins and ends. LL himself continued it with the sexy other man tale "Hey Lover" with Boys II Men.

One of the guys who i feel best recreates the true emotions of love in his music is my man Common.

Honestly, that song is one of the best songs ever. Just listen to the straight up lyrics that Common spits out. He pours out his soul on the track with gorgeous imagery. Now don't think I'm on some sweet shit, but sometimes you have to keep it truly honest when material moves you. I mean Rick Ross' last single didn't give anyone that feeling. Plies' songs don't give you that feeling like they actually like women. You can tell their goal is to smash and keep it moving.

It's crazy how good this dude is when speaking. "The Light" is another one of those great songs. I have to wonder how many "normal" women get these songs and actually listen to the lyrics and get what he's saying. It just seems like the only women who can hear this music and really feel it are the "back to nature, weed smoking, poetry reading attending" chicks who believe in natural hair, being vegan, and smoking weed. Yes that is a generalization but it's what I see so don't blame me.

Today, I'm highlighting Common so let's check out a couple more videos from him and you all can tell me who else has made a great hip-hop love song that might be "forgotten".