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Monday, June 29, 2009

BET Awards 2009

So of course I have to make a post about the debacle that is the B.E.T. awards annual event. I only watched this garbage to see how they honored M.J.. I understand the difficulties of trying to change a show with a short time frame, but there could have been some simple alterations that would have made it better. Now I'm not going to be completely negative because there were some decent points, but overall the negative things outweigh that because they were the actual planned parts of the show.

Highlights: Monica showing up Keyshia Cole. I start with this moment because it illustrates the disparity between older and newer artists. Monica is a seasoned performer with a great voice and Keyshia Cole you can tell has not developed the work ethic that would make her a great performer. I've heard her too many times not sounding good in prime slots.

(I know the quality could be better...Monica was looking alright there too)

As for the opening, I can appreciate why they got New Edition to do the Jackson 5. I am pretty sure that performance is second nature to them and they have chemistry, too bad they didn't sound great. Jamie Foxx though, killed as the host. Dude had to deal with a constantly changing schedule, late and slow moving people and a lot of adversity and he made it work, much props out to Jamie on that one.

The throwback R and B portion was good except for Aaron Hall sounding like an old dusty fart. You can tell BBD performs regularly these days. Levert also killed it with their performance though they were as long winded as Don Cornelius who had to be at the show that destroyed the Soul Train awards who at their worse were better than the BET awards.

The thing that confused me was the fact that Ciara sang a song. We don't want to see Ciara sing, we want to see her dance. What I think should have been done instead was to have an "MJ Dance Off" between let's say, Ciara and Omarion. For good measure someone could have found Mario a decent suit and he could have joined in, maybe even Ginuwine, T-Pain. It wouldn't have taken any more time and they would have only had to play the track behind them. I've got money that say "O" can do a mean Smooth Criminal.

Beyonce bored me, Jay held it down with his performance and Maxwell did his thing as usual.

Unfortunately the two low lights of the show were the Ving Rhames "Baby Boy" re-enactment that had Ving comparing MJ to "guns" and also had him calling other awards shows "Bitch ass". If it was written then it was a terrible idea and if it was spontaneous Ving is a damn idiot. The censor also was terrible. There was a five second delay but it was if the guy was busy eating a damn sandwich instead of keeping his finger ready. This was the worst thing however:

Drake was boring as hell and mad dry, Wayne is an idiot. I am sick of his drug induced "I can do anything because I'm a superstar" act. Every time he is seen in the media I just look at his lack of respect for his audience and fans. He doesn't care to try and make a good performance other than running around and taking his shirt off. That's not a good performance and I am sick of this guy. It is time to take a stand. Whoever cleared him to perform "Always Strapped" should be fired as well. Why must we continue to allow ourselves to be represented by this bullshit? This is why the younger generation really thinks this stuff is alright.

I almost forgot the second worst performance, which was Soulja Boy and "Turn My Swag On". Look I will admit, I don't get why anyone likes this song and no one has tried to explain it. Off key hook, wack lyrics if you can call them that, and Soulja yelling like something is wrong with him.

Jamie and Ne-yo ended the show alright, however, I would have involved all of the performers/ singers in a rendition of "We Are the World", at least the chorus all on stage. But like I said, Jamie did a good job moving the show along.

I have to say I was highly disappointed after all of the hype and talk of making a big tribute to see it come down to Keri Hilson doing the ending to "Bad" with no one understanding what was going on. Ne-yo and Jamie Foxx singing, and an appearance by Janet while Joe and Al Sharpton came out to camera hog looking like the pimps they really are. I would never have watched the show if I thought that was going to be it because I never expected anything else to be worth watching and I was right.

Bottom Line, BET needs to do much better than this for any show they produce. Stephen Hill needs to really look for people who understand production values and to have some real standards for what their performances should be. MTV does it, The Grammy's do it, and the CMA's do it, so can B.E.T.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Let's talk Lyrics

I was listening to Hot 99.5 from DC. Yeah I know it's a pop station but the kids were in the car. But the Black Eyed Peas came with Boom Boom Pow. The beat for this song is Jammin' I have to admit, but what the hell are they talking about? I mean lyrics like "I'm so three thousand and eight/ you so two thousand and late" say absolutely nothing.

Now I'm wondering why even waste the time putting lyrics to this? Why not just bang the beat in a club or something? We don't like the lyrics per se but the beat is what draws people in. Why put lyrics on a song that has no meaning?

The same thing goes for people like Gucci Mane or Lil Jon. Why are you making noises on the track? Just put the beat out there. People swear Gucci spits the truth, but he isn't saying much of anything.

Why is it so bad to admit that you only like the beat and that someone who records verses on the track really doesn't matter?

Monday, June 22, 2009


I will admit, Crime Mob was a guilty pleasure of mine. I especially liked "Rock Yo Hips". But their sound was catchy when they first appeared about 4(?) years go. Now when the chick Diamond left the group I figured she might do alright, she was the prettier one and no one was worried about skills. However, a different Atlanta was on top and now she is back with a totally new sound.

Okay, not really, this broad right here is female Gucci right now with this one, and for me it's worse than a good look. I don't like Gucci as a rapper, hate OJ da Juiceman, and while Diamond actually does rap better than both of them put together, the sound is already annoying, boring, and passe. Zaythoven is the lamest producer since Lil jon right now with a lot less talent listening to the stuff he has put out. It all is the exact same thing.

That song is horrible, the hook is lame and the entire idea is unimaginative stupid "music". There is no intrinsic value from this and why would I play this in a club when you just mix one of Gucci's songs out now with another joint. This type of song is completely pointless and shows this generation is full of a bunch of people who will do anything just because. They hope they can make a dollar off of it, but they aren't even going to put forth the effort to do that because it actually takes work to create a song and a marketing idea and concept behind a song or album. By the looks of this they truly are looking for the easiest and laziest way to record something and just throw it out, hoping that it makes movie.

Just listen to this bull:

This next video- I am disappointed in Big Boi because he has too much cachet for this.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Father's Day Songs

If there is one thing you can get from rap music today is that there are no fathers in the hood...At least thats what these rappers will have you believe. Now I'm not saying everyone has a father, or even a father that is actually a good one. The hood has a lot of people strung out, sipping that liquid crack, and who have mental issues they aren't even trying to get solved. However, some of these dudes have to have daddies.

In elementary school, I was rare because I actually lived with my father and at leats half the dudes in my class couldn't say it. At my age of 27 now, of all of my friends I can say only one basically grew up without their father at all and two could be considered sporadic until their son's early teenage years. There is no way these dudes all don't have fathers and I'm sure some of them have some damn decent ones at least.

Look, T-pain's dad was his manager so I'm sure he could come up with something positive. As many people had mothers on crack yet they still manage to find positive things to say, but not one guy can man up and say something good about his pops? Shit, these guys don't even make songs for their sons, daughter, oh they get the titles "my inspiratio; my love; God's greatest gift" but these guys have sons too! What gives, imagine your pops not ever saying anything about you yet everyone in the world knows about your little sister-it's crazy.

At least on that song, Jay and Beans let everyone know how they felt about their fathers good or bad. That's where this next segment goes. We all know not having your father around harms you, and as men, you ought to be able to describe how that affected you as a youth growing up. That is what hip-hop should be, an outlet to let everyone know that they aren't alone. No matter what it did to you, express it, let the world know you really want to know your father and it hurts your feelings that you don't or didn't. Look, real men can step up and keep it real, not act like it doesn't matter when everyone knows that it does. Kill the macho bullshit already and let kids out there know they not alone, and let deadbeat ass fathers out there know that you don't agree with it because you know how it hurt you.

And to leave off, I want you to check out some fellas from D.C., a couple of which I've known from my time in College, some real positive dudes I hope to have more on later,Substantial featuring Gods'illa and Kokayi "I'm Here" for your father's day celebrations.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Busta Rhymes Rise and Fall

Busta Rhymes is one of the most well-known and consistent hip-hop artists of all time. From the beginning of his career with Leaders of the New School he was exciting and stood out from his peers with his vibrance. But lately it seems that Bussa Buss has fallen from grace. This isn't a post designed to knock, mock, or hate on Busta, in fact it's an attempt to examine what the hell actually happened and if it's possible for him to get his mojo back. I root for Busta myself and I miss the old guy.

Back in 1991 L.O.N.S. came on the scene in the same vein as A Tribe Called Quest and De La Soul. They came to drop knowledge and represented an afro-centric view of the hood. They were funky and brash yet Busta still managed to outshine the members of his clique. Look at the style as you get to the end of this video:

Looking at "The Scenario" you see how Busta burst on the scene "Like a Dungeon Dragon!". Shortly after he and the rest of the members of his group went different ways and Leaders of the New School was over. This seems to be a foreshadowing of events to come surrounding Busta in the future as he switches crews and record labels.

This was probably the best thing for Busta at the time as he veered off in his own direction and began to hit us with a slew of hits and solid if not spectacular albums.

Up until about 2002 he was just about invincible. He had avoided beef with people and basically existed as the remix killer, jumping on any hot relevant track and putting his signature stamp on it.

About that time Busta had to step out of his zone because one of the people in the video above threw a shot at him. Busta came out and joined Eminem and 50 Cent in their disagreement. ( this is just cool and I wanna be able to always find it so enjoy the video)

Things seemed good but then on the set of the "Touch it" video Busta's bodyguard Izzy Ramirez got shot and the street code of silenced was enforced. The family sued for wrongful death and added to his other cases at the time, it seemed as if there was a huge load on Busta's massive shoulders. The album "The Big Bang" was probably his best lyrically but it didn't solidify Busta as one of the greats though he finally reached the depths of Trevor and not just the character of Busta.

Personally, the downfall began when Busta cut his trademark locks in an attempt to shed his previous image. As Kayslay said, and I paraphrase, 'when Jay-Z called him animated, some dudes in the hood might see that a certain way because they don't understand what animated is. I think that affected Busta'. I agree with the general sentiment of Kayslay which is hard because I don't like the guy but he has a point. If you are basing your image on the hood perspective, especially at Busta's age in life, you might have problems.

This huge change and his desire to be taken more serious put the focus onto Busta's lyrics which had to this point been an afterthought to the Busta Rhymes experience and put them at the forefront. You see Busta has always talked greasy if you actually took the time to pay attention, his lyricism isn't the greatest but his energy and ability to make club bangers are what made Busta so memorable and loved. Some people aren't happy with why they are liked and want us to like them for other reasons. Busta seems to be one of them.

No doubt, I liked that song and The Big Bang might just be Busta's best overall album. There was a variety and songs that actually reflected and told about his real life. At the same time however, Busta seems to have lost that x-factor. Now he has slowed his flow just slightly and attempted to be more like the current hot artists of the day and less like himself. It brings a focus onto lackluster lyrics and the same tired old topics from a guy who has been around for 15 years as a solo artist.

Then there is the business decisions. He moved from Elektra, to J Records, to Aftermath, and now to Jive where he released B.O.M.B. ( Back on my Bullshit) which should have been called Back with some Bullshit. We are left with songs like the lazy "conglomerate" replacing the battle cry of "We Made It" which was scrapped.

Another song that didn't make it was this one, which I don't really like however it did show Busta having fun and enjoying himself.

But the second thing with the change in Busta's personality has been the change in personnel in his crew. The only constant being Spliff Star as he has run through the likes of Rampage, Baby Sham, Rah Digga, Rock Marciano, Lord Have Mercy, and a management deal with Papoose. This is reminiscent of the fallout with the other members of L.O.N.S. and more recently a falling out with protege Big Truck over doing songs with Uncle Murda. Busta has also switched DJ's and no longer has a strong relationship with Kayslay which all of which say to me that Busta is prone to sudden changes and most people can't hang with it.

Luckily it seems that Busta has made some strides to get back where he was. Looking at two of his videos from the past year they bring the fun and energy back and make you forget to think about the words that are actually coming out of his mouth which is a good thing. Like I said, Im not hating on Busta but he has fallen off from what he was by getting false ideas about himself. Believing the hype of you being a great artist isn't bad unless you have the incorrect idea of why it is we love you. so to Busta get back on your grind, have fun keep the energy and grow the damn locks back man!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The beat is officially dead...

My Man, Slaughterhouse went waaaaaaaaay in on the D.O.A. beat. Royce spit the best verse i have heard from him and Joell killed the song for like 6 minutes lol. Sit back and check it.

Monday, June 15, 2009

High Expectations

There are some people in this world for whom the normal is unacceptable. IN Sports it's no longer enough for Kobe or Lebron to get to the playoffs, they are expected to compete for and win the title every year. Alex Rodriguez cannot just hit .320 and knock in 120 runs, he needs to carry the team to the World Series. Same goes for Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, and Brett Favre. In hip-hop, Jay-z and Eminem are probably the two big names for whom above average doesn't cut it.

Taking these two and looking for the moment, just look at why we think they need to do so much. Jay set the standard for an artist since his second album when he garnered critical acclaim and raked in huge sales. As the biggest and so far the best white rapper Eminem faces the same conundrum. We don't even remember that the reason those early albums took off and did so good was because we took what they gave us for what it was.

It becomes just like junkies trying to get the next fix. You were so giddy upon hearing the first few album from these artists that now it is hard to get excited for something that you expect. There are human limitations to even the best of us in a field and once you get to such a level it is hard to surprise people and continue to push the bar higher because you are expected to do it.

For Jay what more can he do lyrically to push himself higher? Do an entire album of "punchlines" that stand out? It seems we are at the point we begin to criticize every syllable he says like it has to be groundbreaking. Maybe they can get together and create an entirely new language so we as fans can be impressed.

Meanwhile, Rick Ross does and entire album that sounds like the last album he did with two themes to all of the songs and it be accepted because we don't think he has the potential to do what a Jay-z, Common, or Nas is capable of. We let Soula Boy slide with bullshit and he thinks its him that makes the song. "Kiss me through the phone" doesn't sell because of Soulja, it's the hook and that's it. "Turn My swag On" is his beat I'll give credit, but the verses are downright ridiculous.

To a lesser extent this happens with 50 cent and Nas as well. For Nas we have come to accept that he will have an inconsistent album and have some lazy tracks on it. But everyone else can't do that. 50 is at the point where if he doesn't push 750 thousand units in a week he is considered a failure because his first album did so much. That is what happened to Nelly. If your single isn't bananas from the jump you can chalk it up because labels aren't even going to let you get a chance to build because they have built in feelings about the response you have to get from jump in order to be a success.

We as people need to have realistic feelings and attachments to these people and be content with what we get sometimes. I am definately not telling you to avoid criticism and breaking down what people put out, because we need that. However, we need to adjust and hold everyone to the same standard and not use a "Star Scale" for those who early on blow away our minds and expectations.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

No Drake no....

Now I'm still undecided on whether or not I like Drake, dude is obviously talented as an artist of some sort. The question is where is he going to end up with his image, an average hip-hop/ r and b hybrid artist or a crossover mega-star. I think he has the potential to be seen more than wayne and take that step to be a mega-icon, however, not while you doing stuff like this:

You see he is looking like he is trying to be more "thuggish" especially listening to him talk so properly. This interview on a "hood" style dvd is not a good look for Drake if he is going to end up on that star route.

Let me explain, you see Drake cannot pull off the "gangster", "street", or "thug" image in any way, shape, form, or fashion. Listening to this he is trying to use words that are slang and they come off as forced when you can tell he has the intelligence. Listen to how he says "nigger" so properly lmao.

Anyway, Drake needs to keep things professional and move towards being that way. The way these videos tend to end up is on the street with street dudes responding to it. The image needs to be carefully crafted and portrayed so that people see the good and not arrogant artist that it can be seen as.

Look, here is what I see when I see these hood videos, and I don't want to think of Drake as this:

Drake please don't be Max B

Now when Pharrell says it's out of hand...

You have got to admit things are out of hand. Just listen, we shall discuss afterward.

Pharrell was making a host of great points in this clip here. It's crazy that someone who has become famous as much for his image as his "talent" . The entire game has gotten so caught up in marketing that things are insane. However, I think the times have changed again and are cycling away from image and into more of actual benefit or action based. The generation I am in is starting to get to a point of grabbing some sort of power and influence and they see a lot of over marketing and obvious disrespect for people's intelligence as a whole. I'm not one who feels people are smart, but we all have an innate ability to feel when we are getting duped.

Talking to someone yesterday though, I realized that Pharrell is only making sense because he is being selfish. If he wasn't such an outlandish person this might actually be sincere, but the problem is that his out of the box personality is now just run of the mill because everyone is so extra. I'll speak more on this later but I wanted to put the revelation out there.

Politically the change has started, and the internet is sort of helping if you can take the time to dig beyond the people trying to make a quick buck. Finally though, people are starting to get it.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Guest Blog- Jay-Z is a Hater

This is a blog by my man NC-17. Catch him on his Myspace page right here.

Fist let me start by saying JAY Z is the greatest Rapper Ever, better than Pac, Big, Nas, and Em… Now for the blasphemy – JAY Z IS A FUCKING HATER

Shawn Carter is the biggest hater in rap and has been since 1998, Ask Murder Mase.


When B.I.G was alive Jay was nice, but he didn’t have any hits. Despite help from Mary J, Foxy, and the Notorious one Jay was in Memphis Bleek land. Not because he couldn’t rap, but because he couldn’t figure out radio. Yeah Reasonable Doubt was hot, yeah Vol. 1 is a classic, but them shits ain’t move nobody at the time but New York hip hop dick riders, the same dick riders who believed Mobb Deep was the realist niggas out and that Camp Lo were really from the 1970’s.

On the other hand you had Ma$e and Puff making smash hits that still hold up to this day. What did Jay do? Did he salute a nigga? No he made subliminal diss records about Mason. Nothing wrong with that, Rap is competitive at times. But this nigga Hov had the nerve to go and get Puffy and Lil Kim to give him a Bad Boy song – Remember “I know what boys like”??? Neither does S. Carter. And let’s not talk about the “Sunshine Video”.

POINT: Jay may have been a better lyricist than Ma$e but he couldn’t make a better song even with Puff’s help so he took shots.


I’m not going to get into Nas, even the hardest riding Hova fans have to admit that Jay Z did act like a mini Stan when Nas decided he didn’t want to be on his first two albums. Hov took hating to another level, smashing his baby moms; sneak attacking him at summer jam… all for what? So Nas could finally cave in and become his bff???

POINT: Jay Z wanted New York to love him, so he assassinated its favorite son.

Cam’ron was the best artist on Rocafella records. There is no denying that. For a good two year span of Come Home With me and mixtapes Killa ran that place. Jay Z didn’t like Cam cus he didn’t like Ma$e. He chose State Prop over Dipset because Philly winning wasn’t as hurtful as Harlem winning.

Siegel was never a threat, he was a fucking HENCHMAN. Bleek was a fucking SIDEKICK, and Kanye at that time was just a fucking producer spitting raps about Miracle Whip that would never come out. Cam had taken the ear of the streets, went platinum on a label where only Jay-Z and DJ Clue had gone platinum before. So Jay-Z made sure to snub Cam at every turn.

POINT: Fame and Love is more powerful than Money to S. Carter. Cam made him money, but he would rather give that up than have a nigga from Harlem taking his shine.

This is Anti Ringtone, death of Auto tune! Tellm’ why you mad son! I mean really, Jay Z is a cranky old man. This nigga should have some hot air balloons and go UP like fucking Pixar with all that bitterness. You know why Jay-Z is mad? Because he hasn’t had a radio hit since like – fuck somebody tell me cus I can’t remember it! Jay is going sell records regardless of Radio, he’s a name. Bruce Springsteen, Pearl Jam, The Eagles. They don’t need a smash hit. They come out tomorrow; they’re going to sell albums.

But Jay doesn’t seem to take that as an honor, he’s mad as FUCK that he can’t do what these lesser talented kids and lames are doing. Fuck I think Jay Z’s still mad over “Occhie Wally”, “Pump It Up”, “Tell Me What You Want From ME” and “Oh Boy”.

Orphan Annie made Jay-Z a household name… don’t argue that.

Ja Rule and Amil are the reason Jay-Z had his other bit hit… don’t argue that.

Timberland, Pherrell, and Kanye were crutches for weak hooks (Imagine Big Pimpn’ over a DJ Premier beat)… dong argue that.

Now who gives a fuck about a hook? I don’t listen to Jay-Z because he’s going to break out the latest dance craze, or the best ad libs and melody. I listen for his 16 bars. But apparently he’s not happy with that, he wants to be on top of the singles charts… let it go Shawn Corey Carter, let it go!

So who is Jay talking about on DOA? Not Tpain cus he shouts him out, not Kanye because he did the beat. Maybe Lil Wayne? He wants the Mixtape Weezy… okay; you’ve done a few songs with the non mixtape Weezy.


I know Jay isn’t talking about Ron Brown, so why the fuck don’t he just say what he means on the song? BECAUSE HE’S A HATER. He’s mad about Ma$e, mad about Nas, mad about Joe Budden, Mad at Harlem. Mad that Jim Jones embarrassed him, Mad that State Property and Memphis Bleek suck! Mad that he signed Rihanna to Def Jam and Tierra Marie to Roc-a-fella. Mad that he chose Amil over Foxy, Mad that T.I made his hot line a hot song. Mad that 50 cent exist. Mad that “Show me What you Got little lady” was not this generation’s Penny Lane. Jay is just MAD period.

Now Kanye can cry about “His Big Brother” and forgive him for stealing Coldplay songs but the truth is that Jay-Z is a dickhead. Look how he treated Ye, didn’t even want to buy the man a chain? Who does that? A Hater, that’s who.

So Yeah I’m going to buy Blueprint 3, and praise the lyrical prowess of Hova, but the difference is – I accept that he’s a hater… do you?

Sunday, June 7, 2009

T-Pain's Big Ass Chain

lol Now this is hilarious right here. T-pain literally has one of the biggest chains ever. This is just one more reason why people from Florida are not right in the head I'm telling you.

I wish Mos Def or someone would have had this "10 lb. 197kt." chain to make a point, but unfortunately he didn't. Instead we have T-pain who is a funny dude so I assume he did this to stunt and for comedy and I have to say this isn't as ignorant as Plies' goon chain nor Gucci's myriad of jewelry.


Saturday, June 6, 2009


So the hype for this weekend will be without a doubt the new buzz created by Jay-z's new track D.O.A., or death of autotune. I'll admit this is not a bad joint, it's Jay doing some his better work in the past two years. So after listening to the joint about 10 times in a row, I can say, it's pretty good but not great.

Here is why, Jay isn't saying anything that hundreds of unsigned rappers, plenty of independent rappers, and fans have been saying for a while now. I mean shit, just go back to January or December here on this blog with my critical beatdown of Ron Browz. Did he sell any albums at all?

However since "Hov" says it now, this is fire. It's funny to see all of these followers who were just listening to Ross and T-Pain songs, T-Wayne songs, and to see if they actually listen to the song and stop buying the bullshit. I mean Jay does it his own way "Your jeans too tight/ your voice too light" yet then he says that "Ye tld me to kill y'all too keep it one hunnid"....pause.

Talking about tight pants, colorful shirts and feminine ways and Kanye co-signed you. Who he think you were talking about?

The last verse however I wonder if he was taking jabs at Wayne and Jeezy by saying he might need them on the track from mixtapes and etc. Is he saying their albums not hot? Or is he trying to make sure they don't take offense and give them a shout-out. I need some clarity on this Jay.

Okay now time for the real soapbox moment, who heard "Who, pt.1-3" by Joe Budden. (this is why I hate being a fan of an artist and hip-hop in general). Dude killed the topic or aspect of today's music, and I'm talking about this for hip-hop fans or those who call themselves that. I saw a lot of people saying you weren't a fan of hip-hop unless you were hearing or listening to this song and thats just not true. Real hip-hop fans don't need the catchy hooks or name identity to understnad whats going on. Who read Mos Def's interview in XXL this month? He talks about real hip-hop shit. So before you start talking about how groundbreaking the Jay-Z song is, go back and listen to what others have been saying. I mean he did kill them with "I'm a multi-millionaire/ How am I the hardest nigga here" line, but the idea isn't new and I am sort of pissed off that people are treating this as if Jay noticed something that no one else did.

Jay is the best rapper of all time to me I've been a fan, but I gotta keep it real, this song didn't make me shit my draws, sorry. What do you really think about the song?

Here are fan videos for the Joe Budden song, all 3 parts are separate check it and listen to the lyrics and pay attention. I'll get some Mos Def shit later.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Gotta Get Ya Groove on!

Now normally I guess I seem like the average Southern Music basher or something close to that, but there is one thing I am extremely proud of dudes from the South of doing. Bringing back grown men dancing. Now yeah I know you're about to say hold up, didn't you call the G-spot boys clowns for doing the "Stanky Legg"? Yes, i did. You know why, look at this shit.

That's not dancing. This is dancing:

Kid n' Play weren't the most gangster of dudes but you could respect them even while they got busy on the dance floor. They were rappers yet balanced that with having fun. To figure out when dancing became so uncool we have to check out some history with it. Let's see, Big Daddy Kane danced, and still does:

We all know Hammer was a dancing ass fool!

(As a side note, Play's pants from the House Party video were slightly Hammerized cause they were real odd fitting yet not parachutes)

Overall I think Gangsta rap killed dancing because gangsters don't dance. These guys brought a new kind of cool into existence and everyone followed and went along with it. Unless of course you did it the way true gangstas do it, and this ain;t for everyone people:

Im not a dancer, because I don't have rhythm, but there are a lot of people who do have it and who sort of miss out on the fun that dancing in the club or at a party can bring because they are trying to preserve their cool. It's nothing to see four people dancing with an entire crowd of people around them just watching because they are scared of reactions they might get from people. But hey I mean it's cool, you can be a thug and dance too, just don't do the Superman. Feel free however to:

Monday, June 1, 2009

The Most Stolen cd in your collection

Now everyone who is anyone and has a halfway decent cd collection has one or two cd's they are constantly stolen by friends or even enemies. This was suggested to me as a topic by my man Pluck aka P. Lucky. Now I know for a fact in high school I had these cd's/tapes stolen from me on one occasion.

Especially All Eyez on Me, it seems that that cd isn't allowed to stay in my possession for more than two or three months at a time. Unlike most people I still have my original copy of Reasonable doubt. Not the all black one, but the first issue with the pistol on the street.

It's annoying as hell to have a classic cd and then get it snatched from someone and not know until you are looking for it to play. I also ended up breaking two of my favorite cd's, my original "War Report" from Capone-n-Noreaga and disc 1 of Wu Tang forever.

What are the cd's that soehow have disappeared from your collection at least once and you miss them?


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