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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Nicki Minaj- The Ultimate Swagger Jacker

Now my man NC-17 is going to give me hell about this one because he is a huge Young Money fan but I have come to the conclusion that Nicki Minaj is a thief. Lola Luv was right when she said Nicki doesn't have her own style because she doesn't. You can look and chart what she has done so far and it is all marketing wizadry that the 'fans' forget who she was just months ago.

Nicki Started off as the new Lil' Kim:
You cannot deny that she was mimicking the bad lil mama from B.K.'s style and gimmick. The thing about Nicki was that she was a better rapper. Kim tossed with the best of Foxy and the people could feel her. Then she signed up with Wayne and his cronies and then took his entire rap style.

If you listen to her "jump off" and "warning" freestyles you'll hear the NY style all in her voice. Now listen to any of her many cameos and you will hear nothing but Wayne and something that I will continue to refer to as tourettes because that cannot be a conscience decision to keep raising her voice like that.

Now you have her in Usher's latest wack ass video and she is sporting a fresh Lady Gaga style outfit and hair-do. I understand that  it might be natural to try and bring out an artist we haven't seen in Gaga-esque attire but to take an artist that was a regular hood chick last week and expect me to go for it is downright ridiculous.

Monday, March 22, 2010

New Jae Millz

So Jae Millz has a song out and a hood or street video. I like Millz as a rapper but I don't think he will ever be successful on a major level because I don't see him being able to write singles and get them across, but we shall see. Funny thing is, I swear he's talking about niggas like Baby with lines like:

"Lock me with the wildebeasts I'm much more than these males
I got bars they got glorious tales
and stupid ass jewelry lookin awkward as hell
You got money and power word I'm a boss as well
but it's gonna take a lot more to get in them talks with L" (as in LL Cool J)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Too good for the Freshmen of 2010?

So Nicki Minaj comes up with this bullshit explanation on why she and Drake weren't on the cover of XXL for the freshmen 10 for this year...

So basically you think that you deserved a cover before now and because of that you're going to turn it down now? If I had a magazine named XXL you wouldn't find them in or on it ever again how about that. Who are these spoiled ass artists who think they have earned the right to turn down covers at this point in their career. I mean Jay isn't even turning them down so Nicki and Drake. Well that's how you want to carry it, I don't think Nicki is going to be a success because I don't see what her single can be about from what I've heard and her style. Drake could be successful but I'm already tired of his whining about how people slept on him.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

This makes no sense...

So you have a hit song let's say it's called "Beamer,Benz, or Bentley" and you haven't had a hot song in a while. How is it that a guy can 'freestyle' over your joint and put out a video before you do and actually have it be better than yours?

Monday, March 15, 2010

Album Review- Ludacris - Battle of the Sexes

So after a terrible first two months for hip-hop as everyone waited for Wayne to go to jail and T.I. to get off house arrest, not much happened. Yeah DJ Khaled fropped another dud of an album but the only thing to look forward to beyond the Nicki Minaj sex tape, has been this Ludacris album which had been delayed since the summer when it was scheduled to drop as a duo album between Luda and DTP member (maybe?) Shawnna. The concept was simple but since hip-hop album concepts today consist of rappers who claim to have sold drugs pretending to be movie characters to sell drugs, this is like physics compared to addition and subtraction.

Luda of course leads the album with his usual spitting but what's crazy is that Shawnna is featured but not credited even though her voice appears on the hook. Don't hold your breath for a verse on a beat that is tailor made for her to rip to shreds though. We then go into the platinum single "How Low" (featuring Shawnna on the hook as I roll my eyes seeing the messed up pattern emerging here)and into "My Chick Bad" which features femcee of the moment, Nicki Minaj, with her trademark spastic delivery and lack of actual lyrics. Disappointing is that Luda even turns and raps like Nicki on the song. Lil' Scrappy replaces Shawnna on "Everybody Drunk" and he does a decent job.

R and B contributors include Trey Songs on "sex Room", Ne-yo on "Tell Me a Secret", and Monica on "Can't Live Without You", which are all ridiculous reaches for radio airplay. By that none of them stand out or feature Luda's normal wittiness or originality.

The unexpected feature comes from Flo-Rida on "I Know you got a man" (yawn), the song is boring and trite though Flo manages to bring some harmony to the track. "Party No Mo" is another song that shows Luda trying to remain relevant by reaching below his talent level to include Gucci Mane, who has a pre-recorded hook on the song. The Most 'Luda-like' songs are "Hey Ho" which features Lil Kim and is a slid song, "Sexting" which is a play on the Tiger Woods saga, and "B.O.T.S. Radio" which features I-20 (lol) and a once again uncredited Shawnna. Speaking of Shawnna she is also on "I do it all Night" and all of her verses seem to hit better than Luda's though they may not be the best lyrically.

It's unfortunate she ends up getting screwed yet again because she had two albums based around decent singles that had no follow-ups or promotion and now she gets her concept album and credits taken away. I don't know industry politics but I see someone like her who has paid dues, seemingly has some type of story to try and tell and a different style about her and can't catch a break while your Nicki "Let's recycle Lil Kim" Minaj is all over the place.

This isn't about just Shawnna however but overall this album is lackluster. This must be the new "Chicken and Beer" because it has mass appeal singles but nothing on this album makes me want to actually hear it again and that's bad for Luda. I at least consider him good for three strong songs that may or may not make the radio but this time he let me down.

Rating: 2.5/5

-and yes I know I only posted stuff with Shawnna since she got screwed in every other way I'll show her some love.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hood DVD Review- Legends of the Unwired

So I decided to check out this hood dvd about the life of Nathan Avon "Bodie" Barksdale the inspiration behind several characters from the hit HBO series "the Wire". I did this for a couple of reasons, one, I'm from Baltimore and I loved the story-telling behind the Wire as the entire cycle played out, and two I needed to redeem my hood card. Maybe the second part was a joke but honsetly these types of street dvd's are a big influence in hip-hop culture now, allowing what once were local tales of the streets to be spread out to a mass audience. Most of the time, I look at these things and get pissed because of how much they glorify the worst aspects of life in the hood under the guise of "education".

Now about 80% of this movie is the same old "nigga shit" in my opinion. Interviews with Bodie some of which were carried out by a Wood Harris who seems in awe of this guy, I'm not sure if it's just true respect and admiration, or out of a need to make Bodie feel good about himself in order to get him to talk but it's fairly evident. Much of the story is paraphrased by the narrator which is a good thing. Whether it be the myriad of injuries or the lack of education and the thick ass Baltimore accent (and I don't mean that 'Hon' shit either) the editing was done to keep Bodie's screen time at a good level and to actually move the story along. The portions with Barksdale's mother, associates, and the lone cop who dared show his face don't fare any better when it comes to the accent.

The last 20% is the part where you get to think if Barksdale has changed. This is where he talks about his incarceration and the thoughts he had about his release. He also has one of his younger family members express what they are doing to try to quell the violence they were such a huge part of. I'm not sure if it is successful because the younger generation tends to tune out those who used to be on the streets with each passing year, but the attempt seems to be genuine. There is no pretentiousness in anyone's ideas and it does a much better job than the BET series about gangsters of trying to end with a message of some sorts that the crime and murder need to stop.

Honestly up until that point and sitting here writing this review of the dvd I felt like this was just like so many rap artists out there, trying to glorify and make a person who helped to destroy the black community into some sort of star or celebrity. To a large extent it does, but maybe it's the way I look at this guy and the things he has gone through should let people know, it isn't for most. To be shot multiple times, lose your sight and ability to walk at one point, have so many people around you die and go to jail in the way he did should make anyone sit there and reconsider their life options. Hopefully people will takie a minute after watching this and go woah, this isn't the way I want to go about things, however, looking at the influence that hip-hop has had and the seemingly lost interpretations of the NWA's, Ice Cube's, and Wu-Tang's of the world give me second thoughts. If you see this dvd let me know what you think about it.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Make you go Hmmmm...

I like the idea behind this song but a couple of things bother me. One, why is Mysonne's mouth not moving? That's video 101 and this look he has sucks for real. If you ever want to really be someone Mysonne you are going to have to get better in your videos.

The second thing is why is Jimmy's verse the most "G" on here when he is the most questionable one when it comes to street cred? That makes me go Hmmmmmm....

Monday, March 1, 2010

Don't Know dude but he speaks so well..

Never heard of Prince EA but he says everything so perfectly and without bullshitting about his point. I normally wait until the morning but this needs to go up now. He may be just another angry artist but his words ring true to me.

Method Man Punking out huh...

Or maybe he just felt like since he just was bitching about Joe Budden saying he could spit better than him that he should just shut up. Now I wasn't going to pay too much attention to Wocka Flocka especially after he admitted that he couldn't rap. Once he said that and that he didn't have a goal to try and be a rapper I was fine with him though I choose not to support him nor any radio station that plays that nonsense.

So Meth, Raekwon, and Ghost were asked about it and apparently voiced their opinions about it being some bullshit. Honestly, I think they're right. If you dedicate your time in your career to being the best that you can be and someone else comes along doing the same thing but entirely half-assed you would be pissed as well. I get pissed about Bloggers who don't actually say anything and this is a freaking hobby.

Anyway, Wocka then decides to take exception to being called "pop" (though Flo-Rida doesn't seem to mind those pop checks) and has to come back with his own remarks. Just looking at the headlines on Worldstar, he apparently feels disrespected that someone agrees that he sucks. The other thing is that he says dudes dont want to hear any dictionary rap. Last time I checked the best lyricists didn't actually have any "dictionary" raps. Well, except for Lupe, but the fact remains that an artist can be lyrical and not confusing. No one is going to say Wayne is really intelligent but they call him the best rapper in the game (i vehemently disagree).

So Wocka is doing a Young Jeezy and admitting he isn't a good rapper then getting salty when someone else is pointing it out. So what does Method man do? Apologize. Now I'm not for rapper beef when it isn't necessary, but it is okay and acceptable for Meth to have an opinion about another artist. He has a right to speak it, and if he really feels that he spoke out of turn was it peer pressure from Ghost and Rae? Should he apologize to them now for punking out about it? Why is he apologizing in the first place?

Even worse he says that he didn't know they were talking about Wocka so now he apologizes. He also said I always loved that man's music...Wocka been out a hot 6 months so how does that happen? Apparently Meth likes anyone just because...he's scared to become even more irrelevent. After finally listening to the first interview, Meth is a bold faced liar because they said Wacka's name outright. Method Man you are the weakest link.

For me one of the major things wrong in hip-hop today is when you have an artist like Meth who is considered one of the "legends" or a strong voice and he never voices his idea on anything we get people like Wocka and Jeezy and Boosie who come into the game and don't know and respect the history of what he and his peers have done. The game isn't elevating it's becoming stagnant on both the underground and the major label level.


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