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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New Singles Review - 9/29

So this week's new singles start off with one from Bruno Mars featuring Damien Marley. This joint has me searching the house for a blank cd I'm feeling it so much. I love the feel of the song, the way their voices blend with the track and the song lyrics itself. This is just an all around good track and I'm liking what I hear from Bruno. I present to you "Liquor Store Blues"

Now onto a track that is bringing us more and more back to the 90's feel of spitting over serious beats and this is once again from Kanye and his G.O.O.D. music crew, "So Appalled". Pusha T a new signee to the label, Cyhi the Prince, the RZA (talk about throwback), Jay-z and Swizz beats all show up. Ironically it seems, that the things that Kanye does that are throwbacks are cool but it's not cool for the general rap population.

Brand new today another banger from Lloyd who I always considered the loser in the Murder Inc.- G-Unit battle because he never got the chance to blow although he had some decent songs. It seems he is strongly aligned with the Unit and has been putting out a string of solid singles. An album has to be forthcoming. This new song features 50 Cent and is called "Let's Get it In"

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

We gotta do better folks...

So looking at the latest videos on the death of aka worldstar I've seen some disturbing trends. First let me address this 'hip-hop tranny' or so it's called for a reason. There is no reason to believe that the rappers are gay because they are in pictures with this transexual person.

You know this tranny as it may be, is just like any other broad to these artists who are at the club or afterparty. The question is definately going to be for the dj's, bouncers, and radio personalities who know this person well enough that they can end up getting VIP access to the stars. In many cases we all know that someone is doing something strange to get that access.

But the second thing is this broad again, Kat Stacks. Now you have Soulja Boy's artists john boy or something or other, (someone else wack and pointless) who is trying to expose this broad for sending him pictures of her vagina. Now lets just ponder this for a second. You have a chick who is a known whore and proud of it and you're trying to expose her for showing her 'goodies'. The funniest part is he says who would want to hit that?, ummm your boss dog. He just did it like 2 weeks ago so how could you try to play that card? Look my man we gotta do better than that if we're trying to throw shots.

The crazy thing is I've been working on this and lo and behold. what does stacks do but make a video on worldstar showing everyone her "baddies". smh some people will do anything for fame and some will never learn.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My daddy is a rapper...

and now I want to rap too. Or make music in some way. See at this point in hip-hop there are quite a few artists who have kids old enough to be artists themselves and not just the bow-wow type of jr. artist although at one point I was afraid that was going to be the trend. Trust me, I was not looking forward to seeing Justin Combs with a baby s-curl dancing around next to lil' Biggie. Some of you may not remember the failed attempt by Benzino to have lil Ray become a rapper and be in a group with one of Pun's kids.

Being a rapper is hard enough. You have to show that you're a thug all the time and tell everyone about how you're still in the hood all day so imagine your kid coming out and trying to make songs with no street cred at all.
At least Percy had the common sense to make sure Romeo had acting and sent his ass to USC to learn something. Hel Rome is actually more gifted than most because he did have some athletic ability which he got from his father. Some of these other kids however, lead you to question what is actually going on. Look at poor JoJo Simmons who tried to use the show to be a stepping stone for his rap group but it never materialized. The girls got jobs making shoes and then younger brother Diggy comes out becomes a sensation and gets a record deal.

Now let's take a look at Ice Cube's son who goes by OMG:

Dog you're Cube's son, and he isn't that bad actually but is he going to have content or more fake thuggery? Bun-B's son is rapping too and it sounds just the same as his old man so what is the point there? As kids of privilege there is a lot more for them to touch on. They have experienced some different lives than their parents, gone to better schools and been closer to Paris Hilton than oh say their parents and their friends. What about the failed career so far of Lil Eazy?

Honestly, I would love to see some of these guys come from a political point of view,and not just try to rehash the last third of their parent's careers. Fact of the matter is, no one is going to take you seriously if you don't take it seriously and carve out your own lane and position. Unless you're little and can create a smash pop hit like little Willow Smith whose father is indeed a hip-hop legend and icon but overlooked because of his lack of street cred and the appearance that he is a softie because his career wasn't about holding down the streets.

Do you think any children of rappers can ever have a successful career outside of their parent's shadow?

Monday, September 13, 2010

What part of the Game is this?

OK more with Kat Stacks really quick. Well not so much about this broad but about how she is treated...kind of. Look I have no sympathy for this whore because she has such low self-esteem and self worth that she thinks having sex with all of these dudes and talking about it is cool and worth it to get some 'fame' or something. We'll see in 10 years when she's in rehab or on the streets trying to put this behind her.

My problem is in how guys like Soulja are seen after they get with her. After her recent airing out of soulja boy who should have known better, the Game took to going at her on twitter something serious. Fine defend your boy but when are you going to speak on him and his stupidity? Isn't the mantra trust no hoes, get money? Shouldn't we all look at him crazy for violating?

See I'm for women's empowerment, just not this bullshit Kat thinks she's doing. She is obviously mentally challenged and I blame her parents. But once you realize she is this kind of person why would you have her around you? Have we not learned from Pac? Stop bringing messed up people into your circle.

These are rules to the game-rules everyone learns and learns early, yet we give people a pass for breaking cardinal rules and just shrug our shoulders like it's all good. Honestly, this is why this dumb shit keeps going on. Now this dude also probably thinks it's ok for him to be doing cocaine and all of these drugs cause no artists are gonna be man enough to look them in the eye and tell him to stop it.

It's time to man up for the youth. Older artists who are supposed to be role models and leaders; Puff, Jay; Snoop, 50, Russell, Kevin Liles, need to start putting their arms around people and talking to them to get their minds right. Snoop - it's not cool to smoke with Soulja Boy he could be one of your own kids-you have to be the man and tell the kid stop before he flames out early.

Let me ask this question, do older artists have an obligation to be role models and mold the ones who follow them and stop them from making these mistakes or is it better to keep it real and let people ruin themselves?

Friday, September 10, 2010

Everybody knows I'ma Monster...

So one of the hottest new songs to drop recently is the mega-track Monster with Kanye, Jay-z, Nicki Minaj and a lil taste of Rick Ross. Now overall the song isn't bad, Ye's verse is alright, not as good as the one on "Run This Town" and I didn't think his was the best on that joint. Nicki has a monster verse-in length but the talk so far has been that hers was the best. I'll take a pause and take a deep breath before I delve into this one because as usual when forced to step up to the task, Jay murders this song.

The confusion comes from the fact that Nicki's verse is pretty solid with very little of her normal wackiness that makes no sense at all within the context of the song which normally fucks it up for me but the length has got people tripping. Let me put it point blank, the length of your verse does not make it the best. If you can put together a 16 like Jay did you don't need to give us 48 especially when your last 6 or so were just throw ins.

Kanye West Monster with download free
Uploaded by danielbaron1. - See the latest featured music videos.
Is that to say a long verse cannot be straight fire? Nah, check any of Canibus' old Clue freestyles or Joe Budden's song 10 minutes from his first album. Then you have Joell Ortiz on the D.O.A. beat.  Today it seems substance is worth less than style or quantity. For example, Lil Wayne is a nice rapper, I'll give it to him, however all of his verses are interchangeable, meaning none of them mean anything in a combination with a song. Jay-Z on the other hand can do a verse, keep it short, sweet, on topic and truly have the impact you desire.

What are your thoughts on a long verse or a short and sweet one?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

When is enough enough?

Okay, so recently I made a post on the Free Your Favorite Rapper campaign, and no sooner does that hit the net then everyone's favorite southern ex-inmate T.I. get arrested yet again for something he could have easily avoided. Now I know, weed is part of the hip-hop culture but when you have had as many strikes as Clifford Harris, you might want to minimize all chances at getting arrested again (Gucci Mane please take note).

Now I don't want to act like a goody-two shoes but at some point enough is enough homie. I cannot keep supporting you when you keep making these bad decisions and what are you teaching your kids and all of those people who look up to you? You have got to do better and I'm tired of people complaining about the police trying to bring him down or the media fucking with his image. This is all on Tip. When you have that much to lose why would you risk it on such trivialities. Sometimes you have to grow the fuck up and stop doing juvenile shit because it is what is expected of you.

I let the gun case go by because it seemed as though he had actually learned something and i don't think his career will be at the height it once was because of it. This dude was doing Chevy commercials and crossing over. Now this burgeoning acting career could be put into jeopardy by just being reckless. That goes for you too Paris Hilton...

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Swizz the best producer ever? Not by a long shot

I might get a new moniker as the guy who always goes against Kanye dumbass west. But honestly, this time, I have some grounds other than personal reasons to counter his latest assessment that Swizz Beats is the best hip-hop producer of all time. Not to take from Swizz who has had a sort of resurgence as of late as he has found a sort of space in which his tracks can survive with a modicum of success, but I just can't call him the best of all time. Right away, there will be some controversy with this list I can deal with it.

10. Just Blaze - This is a guy we tend to overlook. He did the bulk of production on Memphis Bleek's albums making some songs that were high energy like Swizz, but also showing versatility making songs for The Game with the West Coast feel. Solid at times and at others, you have to wonder how he sold an artist on a particular song, but overall he is a really good producer but not one I would rely on to do an entire album.

9. Swizz Beats - Swizz had a huge run to start off the decade with Ruff Ryders and DMX then fell off sharply when trends changed. However, he bided his time thought some label turmoil and finally made a return about 2 years ago and has been holding steady. His sound is very jumpy and energetic which sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. He has had some smash hits but sometimes his album work leaves something to be desired. If a song doesn't make it as a single, it sometimes screws up the flow and his horrific work on some r and b takes him down a notch even though this is based mostly on rap production.

8. Premier- Now there are plenty of purists who are gonna jump down my throat. Look I'm not a premier fan. His trademark 'beat with scratches' is always the same on every album where you hear one. Bun B, Nas, CNN, all the same. Premier does have decent skills but nothing really pops out to me in terms of classic songs that I must hear. The album he did for Christina Aguilera was solid but nothing that screamed out which is a penalty to me.

7. Kanye West- I'm no Ye fan because of his personality and that shows in his beats sometimes. While songs like 'Power' showcase his ability to transform samples into something totally different, the latest song he released, 'Devil in a dress' shows when he overthinks. Yet he has tremendous versatility just listen to 'Haters' on the Blueprint 3 and see it's in a different direction. I just wish sometimes he would give Common some of these tracks.

6. Havoc- The reason Mobb Deep was able to be known in the first place was because of Havoc's dark and heavy production. He's like Dre of the East coast with a solid resume. Havoc still does tracks for 50 cent and G-unit regularly as well as his own projects. With the rise of the South Havoc is sort of an afterthought, however, Survival of the Fittest, Shook Ones, and Quiet Storm are three of the best hip-hop beats ever created.

5. Mannie Fresh- There would be no Cash Money without Mannie Fresh. He was the beat maker on all of the early hits that turned Juvenile, B.G., Baby and Wayne into household names. They have since parted ways but it doesn't mean that Mannie has slowed down. You may not know it because his sound has grown over the years but he is all over the South with T.I., to Big Boi, Yo Gotti, you name a rapper, Mannie is there putting down hot tracks and solidifying his legacy.

4. Pharrell (Neptunes)- So Pharrell gets the bulk of the credit because he is seen on screen all the time but we're not going to totally ignore his partner Chad. With super hits for the likes of Snoop and Jay-z you can't deny their commercial appeal. However, they earn their 'street cred' with entire albums worth of strong tracks for the likes of Slim Thug and The Clipse.

3. Dr. Dre- Dre is the only guy who you know doesn't rap but you're going to buy his album for the beats alone and you know his features are going to be the best of the West Coast. Dre single handedly has created what we know as the gangsta sound(not to give him all of the credit but he made it mainstream). From the early NWA, to early Death Row to 50 Cent and Eminem catalogs, Dre has the deepest catalog of strictly rap classic joints around. Slightly less recognizable than Timbaland joints Dre's biggest knock is he never feeds us enough to keep us satisfied.

2. Timbaland- Timbo is more interested in using unique sounds and making compositions that could stand out as songs on their own. Then when he switches it up and goes simple he still makes bangers. He has made hits for the biggest artists and though the trend right now is the slow southern beats in rap, Timbaland still demands his respect as a producer and even more being from Virginia he was one of the first southern trendsetters. Then he brought us Missy who brought us Tweet, Jazmine Sullivan etc...

1. Jermaine Durpi- Let me say this Jermaine Dupri is one of the most successful producers ever and has created some of the most memorable albums and artists of the past 20 years. It started in the 80's with Whodini and continues even today. The biggest knock on J.D. is his lack of an identifying sound which actually isn't as bad as it seems. While other producers go in and out of style, J.D. is always able to get hits no matter what the current trend, and unlike Puffy who gets executive producer credit, J.D. actually makes tracks. The most 'unrespected' producer as a friend says, J.D. is my best hip-hop producer of all time.

Friday, September 3, 2010

The Free My Favorite Rapper Campaign

What's up people? I'm back with another in depth discussion i'd like to have with you about something that bothers me. Why is it that rappers do something dumb, go to jail, and then everyone pops up with shirts asking the courts to free them? I guess I get it to a point with the uninformed, the ignorant, and the young but too many times I'm seeing people who seem like they have sense looking like fools.

Look at this assclown right here. Wayne pleads guilty to breaking the law so he doesn't get any real time and weeks later what is Drake wearing? Yeah because the court of appeals is going to be so swayed by this shirt they are going to issue a proclamation to get Wayne released immediately. Thanks Drake.

Look at this guy. Wale is a semi-conscience rapper and Gucci was on his second single. Once again I do somewhat see the point, however Gucci violated probation knowingly. Just what is the purpose, he knows you support him and want him to come home and enjoy his success but he is a repeat offender, why are we letting him out again?

Once again:

Now I understand the freedom of expression but the fact of the matter is that it becomes a trend and a fad and people just start to spout this stuff out like nothing just because. The worst part about it is that all fo these dudes were on their way to being free any damn way. So instead of putting someone having a person on their shirt that actually matters or who should be out of jail we're wasting time on these guys who barely saw the inside of the prison they were in and out so fast. Hell if you wanna free a rapper at least make it someone doing some years like:

That second one is priceless lmao. or how about:

Honestly, let's stop talking about freeing these dumb ass rappers after they do shit. Besides, it doesn't do anything any way.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Puffy and Black Rob The Saga Continues...

So I was already to dig up in Puff's ass (pause) regarding all the bitchassness he's guilty of yet again, this time, supported by a video from Black Rob that surfaced on and worldstar a lil bit ago. I still feel the same way but this is going to have to also talk about the obvious kiss-assness and bitchassness of BR cause I know someone just broke dude off with a check and now he switching his story up. Here's the first video:

If you have followed Puffy and hip-hop for more than 6 months I'm sure you know some of this and if you're my age you have definately heard the whole story. The part that bothers the shit out of me is how Puff can go and visit Lil Wayne when they have nothing to do with each other. Oh yeah it's the new fad to say "Free Weezy" even though there is reason to believe Wayne could have beat the damn charge and is a damn fool anyway.

The fact that Puff in fact never visited Black Rob, never visited Shyne and never sent dude notification in the legal manner as a letter says he knows he can dick these dudes around and will. He is after all, the paper gangster, and that's Puff. I don't have an issue with him being who he is, but don't try to sugar coat the shit.

Fast forward and you see this new video. Black Rob says that video was about a month and a half old and that was from an emotional place....This one isn't? Dog you just did 4 years in jail or something ridiculous, hadn't talked to  Puff when you reached out to him previously, you had plenty of time to come to a damn conclusion. That wasn't emotional, this new video is emotion. Puffy called you, threw some money and influence your way and now you feeling bad about it. It's sort of like a pimp and his hoe. He smacks the shit out of you and then buys you a news pair of pumps and you feel better about it.

Now we've all seen Puffy on making the band, picking out an assistant, making the band again and his excuse is that the people Puff told to get you didn't do it. Get the fuck outta here, we have all seen him fire people for lesser shit and these guys still work for Bad Boy? You know why? It didn't matter if they did it or not, he wasn't that pressed but he kicked some shit to Black Rob and Rob ate it up. Damn that boy is slick. Toast to you Puff!


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