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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Man couldn't have said this any better and I tried...

Mysonne went in on Lil B and I didn't watch it at first but this right here is a classic rant. I couldn't have said any of this any better and the main thing that I want to get from this and for you to take from this is that there needs to be a line in the sand that is drawn. The entire thing is on point just because he shows how he is actually intelligent.

lol Mysonne says that this guy doesn't even represent anything other than ignorance and a gimmick and I have to feel him on that one. He said if you relate to this you're one of the "dumbest people on the face of the earth". Damn. that's funny, yet so real.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Romanticising the Hip-Hop

As a person who is now entering his 30's and having been listening avidly to rap for the past 20 years I can say that at times, I too tend to hold on to the past a bit more than I should. Many of the artists I grew up on I hold in a slightly higher regard than artists who are similar to them today just because they were of my generation. Some with good reason, others, I look at and wish they had never received my support because now, they were the precursors of today's wack ass rappers whom I see right through.

Noreaga might be the biggest example of this. Hell, who didn't like N.O.R.E., the War Report with Capone was a fucking classic. He didn't write his rhymes totally himself, and the ill production mixed with the feel and rawness of the time held it up. Then with Capone locked up, Nore built upon the momentum with several solo efforts, each of which got progressively worse until he even tried to capitalize off of the short lived Reggaetton movement. Bu it was cool because he was from Queens and he would be the worst rapper ever right?

Another group that only some real hip-hop heads will really know is Camp Lo. I bring them up because they along with Pete Rock, have a new song out. These dudes have some of the illest flows ever, use some nice slang but don't talk about shit! Now I loved their debut album but if I act like they were actually talking about something I would be a liar. Think The Cool Kids with soul sounding production and that's Camp Lo. See it works sometimes but if I treat them as some of the best of all time, I'd be fooling myself and even worse lying to you all who happen to come by and read this blog.

Now another duo that when you look back all I hear is wackness is Nice and Smooth. Greg Nice might be one of the worst rappers ever. I mean have you ever found yourself reciting a rhyme from Nice and Smooth? Nope, not at all. Now I'm going to step on some toes with this next one.

Jadakiss. Now while most people always bring up Sheek Louch for some reason, I would say Kiss. He is very disappointing and if he makes one more coke that you need the scales they weigh whales with reference I will scream. He has said it on at least three different occasions and I have yet to actually believe him. His flow is monotone and his punchlines just aren't that slick. The bad part is he is going to be the best rapper on a list like this but his skills are vastly overrated thus his inclusion on the list. Kiss is one guy I never rush out to look forward to an album or a song from because I already know what it's going to be. Who else out there is a rapper that you held in high regard that you now look at and wonder why?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Wack on Wack on wack

So for three weeks my homeboy is asking me if I heard of YC and or this Racks on Racks song. He tells me there is a bidding war or some shit going on and to this date I still don't know if it is true, but all I know is I heard that bullshit for the first time today, seeing the video on (that's what I'm calling it now). I have to say, what the hell has happened to music when this hot doo-doo is the newest thing that's popping?

Between Lil B being absolutely ridiculous, to YC, to Kevin Hart's Chocolate Drop comedy videos which I feel might compel him to do an actual album, to 50 Tyson we have sunken to the depths of what the fuckism. Yes that is made up, yes it seems elitist but I have to have some kind of standard. Everyone cannot be accepted for doing whatever they want. If I go to my job and just haphazardly do it, my boss isn't going to just say that's ok. In fact it doesn't matter how good it even is really these days they still want more and better. Yet, hip-hop's newest generation is on this "don't tell me I'm not good, don't tell me you expect better, this is me now accept it" shit and while on the one hand it can be empowering, but as with anything, when taken too far it just diminishes the entire concept.

For instance, let's say Lil B was actually gay instead of being a dude who just does gay (meaning punk ass which is even disrespectful to homosexuals, stereotypical and demeaning) shit and has the Kanye arrogance, I could go ahead and respect his potential album title, and concepts. As it stands, I have not heard one song from him that was consistent in topic from bar to bar. His forced lisp and lame ass dance moves just strike me as the new Malibu's Most Wanted, only taken serious by unsuspecting fools people.

You really think that was a hot rap? That's why I fear this whole Chocolate Drop thing from Kevin Hart. Right now he might be the pound for pound funniest person on the planet when he does his stand-up routine. Hell Chocolate Droppa is a mockery of 50 Tyson and these other foolish rappers because at least 50 has an actual reason. It's like if people keep laughing, why wouldn't he throw an album out there on itunes and have people pick it up because they are laughing, yet playing it at the same time. Especially when it has some type of hot beat on it and he comes up with a couple of good/funny bars.

Once again, how is that any worse than this Lil B character? Now this YC dude is bad because the song is mad annoying, it isn't even up to date, it sounds like its 2 years old already. Now I know I will listen to some people that really should never be allowed to spit, Noreaga, Diamond, Gucci on occasion has a banger, Young Dro, but none of them are as bad as this cat. The slight auto-tune, the lyrics about absolutely nothing, the fake money being tossed in the video are all cliches but are treated as if they are brand new concepts. The one thing about Travis Porter that I have to respect, is their video creativity-this shit right here...none of that. Please younger generation I implore you, get some sense of artistry and self-respect.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Very Creative

So this was on world star and it immediately got my attention as duo Karmin cover Chris Brown's "Look At Me Now". The illest part about this is how nice she is with these verses all while cleaning them up.

Now don't just check out their covers, they also have an original music channel for those of you into the pop feel and that wholesome Chipoltle stuff.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Guess what Ny Ny we baaackkk...

So almost 5 years ago, Jay-z proclaimed that New York was back on the Kingdom Come album. Honestly, it felt like there could be a revival, you had Jim Jones and the Dip-set holding it down and 50 Cent was still riding high. However, the momentum could not continue and thus it died right with 'Superman'. A couple years later, Jay-z tried again to revive the New York feel on D.O.A. but alas, while he benefitted with huge sales of the Blueprint 3, it hasn't led to renewed support for other East Coast artists. What i want to do is maybe look at some of the reasons why and what an artist would need to do to blow up from the North.

Number 1: Stop talking about how NY you are.

If you haven't noticed no one has really cared about how New York you are, how fast the city is and how hard it is to make it there. If you're not Jay-Z or 50 Cent, no one wants to hear you talk about how great the rotten apple is. And by the way, stop calling it the rotten apple, there are way more fucked up places to live than New York. We don't think you're that tough and your arrogance isn't helping you. Realize this, you have the biggest city in the country yet everywhere else still outnumbers you so guess what, you need to rest of the country more than we need you.

Number 2: Doing a track with Rick Ross or Wayne doesn't mean anything.

How many songs does Wayne put out in a given year? Like a verse a day? It's not special, he doesn't discriminate, if you have a paypal account and e-mail address you have a feature. Same thing with Ross, Plies, and damn near every other Southern rapper. They don't have any standards of emceeing so it doesn't mean anything. Get a song with Jay-z though, that's special. Unless he just makes you do the hook like you're Drake or something.

Number 3: Having "swagger" is not a fashion term calm down with the Gucci and Louie

Honestly, we get it you're not a regular person, you're not going to dress normally all of the time, but to walk around talking about all you rock is Louis or Gucci is absurd. Be simple, you can be fly without being ultra-metrosexual. Jim Jones has made old heads with cornrows an art form, fine, but you coming out with eight scarves on, a tie, and that fake paint shit for a hairline is not where it's at. You can be yourself, X was a grimy cat but you respected his grind. Stand for something, don't just be a person who looks like they're trying to be a rapper. In the above photo you see 'Vado' whom I had never seen for a while yet refused to listen to, after I did both, I cannot take this guy seriously. I don't believe him nor his raps. stick to being a hype man.

Number 4: Make good music stop focusing on repping your borough

This ties into the first one to an extent. Calm down and just make music and stop trying to put the city on your back. If you deserve the crown someone will hand it to you, but do yourself first. The first thing you do is claim the "NY" style, and every thing you do is based around repping NY and being the one to bring back the city, tell us your story, make us relate to you as a person. 50 Cent was successful because he wasn't trying so hard to be seen as the savior, he was doing his thing for himself. People loved it, and 50 became huge. Now I like Saigon's recently released album I won't lie, but at the end of the day the rest of us around the country, really could give less than two shits if Brooklyn is harder than the Bronx and Harlem put together because it doesn't affect us. Hell when rappers talk about the "east side" of their town versus the "west side" we sort of pay attention because everyone has one of those.

Number 5: As an extension of number 2- going at Wayne and southern rappers won't help.

Rappers from the South are a brotherhood,a fraternity, and that's mostly because the East Coast froze them out for a long time. Consequently, they never developed that extra sharp witticism from battling and don't really get the purpose of such exploits. Going at these guys is an exercise in futility because they don't care to participate and in the end while you can demolish them, the public, who is the judge in the end will look at you like the jock picking on the kid in the special ed class. Yes, i'm saying a lot of southern rappers are special ed.

To summarize I've long been a fan of rap in general and like most people now, it's not about where you're from with me but what you say. However, on the national stage now, much like how there was a time when both the West, South and Midwest weren't represented, now, it is the East coast that is underserved, saved for the Southeast. My biggest thing is that there needs to be a mix of sounds and feels at all times and we need not isolate an area from being heard in hip-hop. While much of it is a result of the early East Coast bias coming back to haunt it, New York and to some extent North Eastern music needs to be heard once again.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Album Review- Snoop Dogg- The Doggumentary

Snoop Dogg is a hip-hop icon and the biggest G to be accepted into every white person's home in America, C-walking and shilling Pepsi Max all the while still rocking a perm and Chuck Taylors. Snoop is back with his 11th album in what is now almost a two decades old mainstream rap career in 2011 trying to be the first household name to make a dent in an anemic 2011 for records.

Fact of the matter is, this is a back to the basics, West Coast classic flavored album. There are features on almost every track, which is something Snoop often does, whether it just be hooks from newcomers, to funk legends like Bootsy Collins, Snoop doesn't do it alone, after all, "It's no fun if the Homies can't have none". The lead single released a couple months ago, was "Wet" which is a pseudo rap and b auto tune flavored track that Snoop does effortly though it isn't terribly original. "Raised in the Hood" is more generic rap about Snoop's life about 25 years ago before he rocketed to fame. "Its D Only Thang" produced by David Banner is about being on top and the alpha dog of the pack in the game. "The Way it Used to Be" has Snoop reminiscing over simpler times.

Kanye West and John Legend are featured on "Eyez Closed" which doesn't really have a topic. "Superman" is one of those collaborations that only Snoop can have, as he and Willie Nelson sing over a simple guitar riff. More traditional is "My Fucn House" with Young Jeezy and e-40, over an energetic Southern type track. Devin the Dude brings his unique flavor to the mundane "I don't need no Bitch" which also features Kobe Honeycutt. "The Weed iz Mine" features Wiz Khalifa, like we didn't see that coming, as they go over an 80's funk/r and b track and rhythm.

"Boom" featuring T-pain sounds like a song left over from an old episode of Miami Vice. Euro-pop-hop group Gorillaz is featured on "Sumthin Like This Night" where Snoop fails to deliver a song that should have made the album. Then there is "Platinum" which features R. Kelly on his best/worst arrogant rapping/singing. The positive is Snoop gets to flex a little bit over the track. "Toyz in the Hood" with Bootsy Collins is another old funk track that could have come off of any Snoop album ever. He is also on "We Rest in Cali" that also includes Goldie Loc painting the well-known picture of Cali. "Gangbang Rookie" features Pilot and is about how certified he and the Doggfather are.

There are a few songs that i haven't gone into detail about but they are all the same. It's too much straight West Coast rapping with nothing that really glues any of the songs together. It's too much to say that Snoop has lost the skills, but he doesn't really have any direction right now and it has felt that way for the past few albums, reach out there, drop a couple of singles and whatever else is completed fills out the album. Unfortunately, though he is still using funk the sounds surrounding the samples aren't updated which is the biggest thing that Snoop needs. While his staples about "bitches and weed" are to be expected, there isn't that one or two moments that really take you back to when he first blew up.

Rating: 2/5

Monday, April 4, 2011

More useless rapper-Ace Hood or Chopper City?

Honestly, I don't even know why I'm going to dedicate an entire blog to either one of these users but I am. Maybe it's because I just wish that they would both disappear into the annals of hip-hop and never ever return. I mean Young Berg fell off of the planet why do i have to keep seeing these two guys whom I have never seen nor heard anyone say that they like or even listen to.

I mean dude's punchlines are so wack an 8 year old could spit some better rhymes. Suddenly after Puffy, he became the new Scarface or some shit? All of these ridiculous tattoos weak songs and fronting rented out lifestyle are very irritating. Even this video doesn't make sense, he shows a chain then it disappears, he's listening to a voice mail yet talking to the phone at the same time. WTF is this shit really?

Now Ace Hood is ultimately wack, lame and etc but at leats he has the budget to do a decent video though I wonder how much money Def Jam is going to let Khaled keep wasting on this guy. I know they need tax write-offs but this is ridiculous. They would be better off donating to a charity of some sort.


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