Album Review- Big Sean- Hall of Fame

Big Sean is one of the most arrogant rappers in the game right now and if you look at his popularity I can assume he has some reason to do such. I have been much less sold on his lyrics and style myself, at the end of the day, skipping over tracks he is featured on consistently. Leading up to this album, Sean is most known for the song "Control" where Kendrick Lamar became infamous for his challenges to the industry. What some might say is one of Sean's verses was totally ignored and it does give a glimpse into why Kanye is backing the young man from Detroit.

The album starts with "Nothing is Stopping You" where he talks about making it and the chance encounter that led to his signing with Kanye and he connects it to a story about a young unsigned cat and how he stops and takes the time to speak to him and possibly inspired him. "Fire" is about how good he spits and his motivation over a full beat that seems to crowd him out of it at time. "10 2 10" has Sean rapping in an incredibly annoying voice and cadence as he talks about how often he puts in work 'like a mexican'.

"Toyota Music" has a simplistic beat and Sean pretty much says nothing though I take it the song is supposed to take things back to when he was broke rolling deep with his friends. The song is a bit too melancholy for me. "You Don't Know" has Sean in his arrogant mode telling a young lady what he does to make her have odd feelings inside of her (as clarified by the chorus). "Beware" isn't that bad as he raps about women needing to beware of what he will do to their hearts. Lil Wayne and Jhene Aiko join him on the track. Meanwhile in a slight departure of his consumption based lifestyle, Sean looks more reflectively on "First Chain" with Nas and Kid Cudi.

Sean reverts back to his normal random content on "Mona Lisa" where he tells us how he can make a chick comething for fucking with him as well as expressing his desire to have a menage with her friend. Pimp talking over the track basically. "MILF" is somewhat tongue in cheek the entire time as Sean raps about having sex with an older woman as Nicki Minaj takes the personality of the woman with a very descriptive yet somewhat disturbing verse as she raps about removing her teeth and gets extra explicit with it. Juicy J also features on the song. "Sierre Leone/Greedy Ho's" is a twist of the classic Kanye song where Sean brags about only having the best, the diamonds and gold; Sierre Leone. It is creative as a hook and theme for the song but it fails to deliver anything different lyrically.

Young Jeezy and Payroll feature on "It's Time". The Miguel crooned "Ashley" would be even better if Miguel didn't drop F-bombs on the hook as Sean has the ubiquitous love lost track in opposition to the large amount of 'swagger' raps he is known for. "World Ablaze" with James Fauntleroy has Sean trying to get deep as he talks about having to claim things will be fine even when it's apparent they won't be.

Other than that there are some bonus tracks but they are more of the same. Big Sean ultimately is even more superficial of an artist than J.Cole and even trying to use soulful production, nothing change and in fact things get even more annoying as Sean's voice is grating and clashes with the smoothness of the tracks. The other issue is that they have too much going on. Subject matter will always be lacking with Sean I can accept that but he isn't anywhere as good lyrically as he thinks he is and to top it off he isn't entertaining or energetic like a Waka Flacka or Gucci Mane. He really doesn't have a place in the game but if Wiz Khalifa, Currensy, and Tyga can find a lane I have to assume that Big Sean is in it as well. Unfortunately it's not one I can endorse.

Rating: 1.5/5


  1. He got completely ignored on the Control verse. It's hilarious, but speaks to the overall baselessness of his lyrics. I'll never knock a man for his hustle, but I'd like to see him become more introspective.

    Why do you consider J.Cole superficial? Born Sinner had a few tracks that seemed to speak to a more honest side of him, though few and far between,

  2. I'll say this, Cole isn't as bad as Sean but his entire style seems to be him trying to force and convince the rest of us his story has more depth than what it is and is so grandiose. It never feels like a natural fit and the same thing with Sean. It's like inside he knows he really isn't adequate but he is determined to somehow force us to believe it even if he doesn't.


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