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Album Review- Sap - Self-Employed

Sometimes a risk can pay off. I was looking for some new releases from mainstream artists and something directed me to check out this release from Sap. Now, I had never ever heard of this guy before but when looking into him I learned he is from Delaware, Mid-Atlantic area and that's different. He also has done some production work for other artists and a few features but doesn't seem to be well-known. I took a listen and decided it was worth doing a review of his new album, "Self-Employed". The album jumps off with "O Eight" and the first thing I noticed is that he has the voice of the 90's East Coast. It's like an Ali Vegas almost. i mean Troy Ave sounds somewhat similar but Sap has a much better flow. The track sounds like some Golden Era production and he just goes in as Sap talks about his journey and it's funny that 2008 is the pivotal year for this young man and reinforces my own age. "I'm Made" feels like a late 90'

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