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Thursday, April 29, 2010

I'm not looking forward to T.I.'s new album

Honestly I'm not. I must admit I have been influenced by one of my friends who said that the last couple albums that Clifford has released are the pinnacle of his career and I tend to agree. I mean T.I. would never be confused as a guy who is remotely lyrical. He does however mix the passion and reality of his life and get the ideas across on wax better than most and he does seem genuine but where is there for him to go?

I'm not a hater because Tip is one of my favorite rappers especially when you look at Southern artists I'd much rather listen to him than Weezy but I just don't see how he can improve. Making the same album for basically the third time will satisfy a substantial part of the music buying public, but he needs a mega single to make anyone think that he can be the "king" once more...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Remember this?

Classic New Jack Swing

Friday, April 16, 2010

I'm slacking off...

It's mid april and I haven't been writing a lot. Works been tough, kids crazy,and  I've been tired, but i have decided to drop in and give some thoughts just because i just saw another dumb ass in hip-hop do some bullshit and everyone is going to laugh and think that it's cool because he is what his image says he is.

So you have one of Ross' henchmen sniffing cocaine off of a dollar bill (lol talking a lot of shit shouldn't it be a 20 at the very least) like shit is just kosher. These are the role models of the youth because they want to be like Ross and his henchmen and floss and just act like assholes. Gotta love hip-hop

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Local Spotlight Duce Wayne

So a few months ago I posted a song by a guy from Baltimore named Duce Wayne courtesy of my man Piro over at The Pizzle Report . He's back with his new mixtape Punchlines and Polos. Now you all should know I don't like these pseudo mixtapes at all because they aren't mixes, it's just a lame name for an album, but off the strength of the song i downloaded it anyway.

I can say that I wasn't disappointed by it at all. Duce actually has lyrics and the talent to put them together in a way that flows smoothly, not like a Lil wayne who just throws them out there regardless of whether they are relevant to the rest of the song. The one thing I would say is that he has potential to improve upon his song creation.

By that i mean his topics and having songs that have a wider breadth of topics and emotions. I can see him developing into a Joe Budden type of artist (now that's a good thing if you actually listen to Joe's songs that relate to his life). That's what I would like to see from Duce. The ability to spit is very present but to be able to do that and get a stronger 'single' would definately show everyone what Duce is about.