I'm slacking off...

It's mid april and I haven't been writing a lot. Works been tough, kids crazy,and  I've been tired, but i have decided to drop in and give some thoughts just because i just saw another dumb ass in hip-hop do some bullshit and everyone is going to laugh and think that it's cool because he is what his image says he is.

So you have one of Ross' henchmen sniffing cocaine off of a dollar bill (lol talking a lot of shit shouldn't it be a 20 at the very least) like shit is just kosher. These are the role models of the youth because they want to be like Ross and his henchmen and floss and just act like assholes. Gotta love hip-hop


  1. wow it's beyond me why ANYone would allow themselves to be taped doing drugs. I'm sure that's like the 12th crack commandment or something. But as far as I know, no one looks up to this dude. Nah I'll take that back, I'm sure at least one person does, and even that is 40 too many

  2. btw, if you ever hit another dry spell, just peruse wshh and get outraged lmao

  3. i do but i just try to be more positive lol.


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