My first cd's

I remember my first cd player, a sony walkman I had to share with my little 5 year old sister. Some bullcrap right? My first cd's were Young M.C. and MC Hammer and I still have them both to this day.Her first cd was Vanilla I know hilarious right. The first cd I purchased with my own money was Naughty By Nature, "Poverty's Paradise". I love the name of that cd and it was a solid offering from the boys from Jersey.

One thing I think I appreciate from my parents was the fact that I had to write them a letter and explain to them why I should be allowed to buy and listen to cd's with the parental advisory sticker. I really had to think about it and show that I was capable of not being negatively influenced by rap lyrics. After proving my case I was rewarded with Tupac's "Me Against the World" which was probably his most complete album.

After that I could have been considered a cd machine, especially when I started working. I actually still have my original issue of Reasonable Doubt with the gun on the asphalt, not the solid black one that most of y'all probably got.

It's like I remember when buying cd's was an event. Going into the record store or even the big Best Buy and Circuit City would be a pleasure just to see which four cd's of guys you had heard a little bit of were out. CRU- was underrated man. I liked their cd a lot. I used to be excited looking at the ads for the likes of All City and their album "Metropolis Gold", Tracey Lee one of the original Philly artists with "Many Facez".

I probably got tired of it for two reasons, One was wack albums by Mil an artist from Philly who had the beard and dropped on Jive records right after Beans. Dude had no promotion and I see why. The second wack album was Benzino and the "Made Men". "Classic Limited Edition" broke no new ground and was dumb boring. Then it came out all the ads in the source promoting him were because he owned the shit. Yet he had the nerve to say the system promoted people like Eminem and was killing hip-hop, yet he was pumping Ja Rule who was popularizing bubble gum crossovers by the likes of J.Lo . The times got hard and the internet blew up making it much easier to get the shit for free and I haven't bought a cd in like 4 or 5 years. I can't even remember the last one I purchased that didn't say "Memorex" on it. But those early years were great memories.

Let me know, what were your first cd's and why?


  1. I can't remember which was the first I bought on my own cuz I was always dubbing shit off my older brothers. But my first tape, was either Ghost's Ironman, or Nas' It Was Written. What I can say I remember tho, was when we all went out to buy De La Soul's Stakes Is High. My brother Damon bought it, and I remember him getting the tape in that crazy white plastic thingy that they used to put tapes in in stores. The thing that had a fuckin plastic handle-lookin piece, like "fuck I need a handle on a tape for?" Anyway buying that album was an event cuz Stakes Is High (the song) was already all on rapcity. So we couldn't wait to hear the rest of the album

    I still buy albums now, but just about only underground joints. And middleground cats like Talib or The Roots or Murs.

  2. lol@ buying tapes. I remember that joint so you couldn't steal em.

  3. My first tape was the FUGEES!! The SCORE was a sick album. It was a good combination of "real hip-hop" and soul. Lauryn Hill (endless potential...) gave a flavor that has yet to be brought by a female.

    I remember when hip-hop didn't have a time stamp on it. Meaning, you can buy Capital Punishment and it is just as valid as the nonsense that it out today...

    Bring back those days and make music worth buying again!

  4. I honestly can't remember... I can tell you the first tape I purchased was jj fad.

  5. Nigga you know me, first CD naw Tape I remember getting was the Chronic and Doggystyle. I begged my moms to order them from that BMG music club and I couldn't stop listening to them.

    When it came to actual CDs I remember going to Best Buy in Glen Burnie the first month it opend and buying two classic CD's. Pulp Fiction soundtrack and Greenday's Dookie. What you know bout that!?

    Now a days you gotta ask me which albums I bittorent cus ain't shit worth buying.

  6. Ohh boy I remember my first CD i owned Wu Tang 36 Chambers.. then I remember I had so many others every Wu Release, the Original Reasonable Doubt.. I remember when Hard Knock Life came out and I had it the day before I bought too because the 1st one didnt have the bonous Cd then I bought that one.. I remember wow I got 7 CD books and bags of CD i have yet to convert to ITUNES.. I remember people kept stealing Reasonable DOubt, The Infamous, and My Score kept Getting Scratched .. you should do a blog on the most CD stolen..


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