I'm Going in on R and B

Whatever happened to good old-fashioned soul music? The hottest R and B artist of last year was who? T-pain or Chris Brown? Neither of these dudes can sing. Our generation has to be the worst at actually following people who can sing. The Karaoke generation. I think i'm going to do a blog on that idea, but back to the task at hand...

The biggest problem in R and B right now is that people who need to be writing songs think that having that talent entitles them to get on record. People like the Dream need to remain behind the scenes. Rihana needs to do dance pop songs-stay the hell away from ballads. Ne-yo isn't that bad he actually has ability but he would have been a niche artist like Keith Sweat 15 years ago. I mean no one would have called Keith one of the greats but he had his lane.

There was once a day when Luther and Whitney ruled the stage. After that era basically ended we endured Mary J. Blige finding her "voice" so to speak but now she has things together. Things were cool and you felt that the singing wouldn't get any worse than that. But we were terribly wrong. Now everyone doesn't suck. Keyshia Cole was rough around the edges but she has skills and natural talent. Mario has been around for a while and is just looking for that hit to put him over the top.

The reigning kings, Usher and R. Kelly both have been knocked down a couple of pegs. Usher was expected to have a drop after the greatness of his last album but bad management advice from his new wife has hurt him, "In this club" was wack. Kells on the other hand just has issues.

here is my main point, people like Dream shouldn't be on the radio. They force guys like Musiq to try to do crunk songs to remain relevant. Jaheim is not adult contemporary, that's Gladys Knight territory. It's a shame that a guy like that with a huge voice and all of the talent in the world cannot get regular airplay. Look up Tank as well, because these guys are well under the radar. I feel like India.Arie is going to get shoved under the rug as well and she doesn't deserve it. She should get support from her label but she won't.

I'm just tired of having the real good artists relegated to the "oldies" stations when they deserve to be exposed to the mass audience. Prime time MTV and not 2 am on VH1 soul.

and now for my main man singing the national anthem, I present Mr. Marvin Gaye:


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