What Happened to Soundtracks?

Does anyone else remember the day when you would cop a soundtrack before you saw the movie? At this moment I'm listening to the Jason's Lyric soundtrack, specifically LL Cool J's "Candyman". The cd was solid from front to back with mostly a West Coast feel but it was hot. The soundtracks used to have joints that you couldn't find anywhere else but it was worth it. It was a tight mixture of rap and r and b. Both of the Nutty Professor soundtracks were hot featuring method man, Redman, and even Eminem.

The Bad Boys soundtrack which featured Biggie and Da Brat along with Diana King, Ini Kamoze, and Xscape. Soundtracks brought back some fond memories. I remember going to see Bad Boys and then buying the soundtrack in the mall afterwards. And who can forget the soundtrack to Dangerous Minds with Coolio's "Gangstas Paradise".

What's your favorite hip-hop soundtrack songs?


  1. P.Lucky checking in .. I would have to say my favorite soundtrack sounds would be Can You See from Total and BIG on the New Jersey Drive Soundtrack, Uptown Anthem from Naughty By Nature Juice Soundtrack and Pain from Tupac Abouve the Rim Tape only version.


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