The worst artist of 2009

Point blank I'm calling it right now, Ron Browz is going to be the worst artist of 2009. He got started late in 2008 but unfortunately this guy is going to keep getting play in 2009. So far this annoying Pop champagne keeps getting played. The lyrics are horrific and the auto-tune isn't slick. T-pain was right, Browz is really fucking up. The saddest part is that he was doing his thing as a producer. Just look at the beginning of the song, "Ether Boy" owing to the fact he produced the song for Nas a few years ago.

I'm not hating on dudes getting their money but come on fella stay in your lane. Arab money is trash and his new solo song is enough to make you want to url. I just want someone to take the mic from this guy, send in sandman simms or something. In 2009 I'm starting the campaign to take music back.


  1. really Im about to jump out the window.. he was a good producer.. he wanted some spotlight.but now.its like ..disgusting


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