Why Jeezy why?

Now the above is the video for Young Jeezy's "My President is Black" which features Nas. On the one hand I am grateful for the effort and lyrics jeezy was able to put into this attempt. It solidifies his position as the next generation's Ice Cube. Yes, I am going to go ahead and let him have the title he is working towards, I do see where he has some improvement in the area and is making an attempt to be more positive. However, Jeezy isn't nice enough to pull off this song. Listen to the hook "My president is black, My Lambo is blue"....wtf is that? If you are going to be political, at the very least, have some consistency in it. Nas isn't much better as he starts off his verse talking about the size of some rims. We all know he is conflicted but where is the unified theme of doing something different. There is nothing political nor positive about candy colored whips and big rims.

Where is the true political voice of this generation of rappers? Whenever someone does something or makes a statement that is political it always seems to me that it is more in the way of creating some personal buzz for themselves rather than making some progress. Look at Kanye Wests asinine political statements. They come across as arrogant statements without a factual basis. One of the smartest things I've heard was from TI who said that artists and celebrities need to tell the press "I'll do some research and then get back to you" in response to political questions. I would love for rappers and urban celebrities to be able to lead the wave for change, but I only hope they can move beyond the normal rhetoric and propose/ support solutions that at times may not be the "popular" or conventional choice. Meaning not just go along with saying there needs to be a change politically, but supporting change in the form of getting drug dealers off of the streets and truly show the youth different avenues to make it other than entertainment or athletics.


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