Hip-hop Moments...

When was the last big moment that you remember in hip-hop? It seems to be a lack of truly memorable moments that just bring you a great memory. Like Snoop dog at the old Source awards asking NY if they had love for the West Coast.

I mean you think that was ill...just look at the performance:

that was when hip-hop was raw and still saying something. This was also the period in which it started making money which has led to the downfall where it is today. But these 95 Source awards were probably one of the best moments, there was a lot of variety and people were keeping it real. It wasn't overproduced and full of people worried more about their perception than their true self. I can appreciate that. The honesty isn't readily available in today's music from what I can hear in the big artists today. Just look at BONE they look like they came to clean up after the show and yet put together a hot medley.

The one clip I want to find now is Snoop at the Soul Train awards when he came out in the lowrider, when i get it I'll be back to post more of the good ol memories. Don't forget to leave a comment and let us over here know what you think.


  1. Yo I love these Source Awards I remember coming home from a job a Harborplace and it was on like 12:30.. Death Row Killed it, Baby Boy Killed it but Meth.. took the cake then like a week later Cuban Linx came out.. yah.. ohh and I remember Patras see through shirt.


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