So I had a post removed...

Due to the DMCA. You may or may not have noticed but my post about new songs I'm feeling was removed. I have a good idea that it was because of the song by young Chris featuring Wale. Im pretty sure it wasn't due to the Sticky Fingaz song, but I can't be sure actually. I'm sort of bummed about it because it's not like I was hosting the joints myself or had even uploaded them. I don't have any industry connections so it's crazy that I feel like the fall guy for wanting to share some actual new songs that I liked.

Even worse I didn't get a warning to remove the link to a song or anything, Blogger could have asked me to remove the offending material and not taken down the entire post which still had merit on its own. In all, i just feel it wasn't an opportunity given to me to leave a critical opinion of the product. So does that mean if I link to a companies website they can argue that I am profiting from a critique? That happens in the public arena and it's crazy that at this early juncture of this blog and hopefully my online journalistic career to have this happen. But you live and you learn.


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