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Now hip-hop beef and battles have long held a place within the art. You gotta believe me I love it. I mean LL has had many battles, the one with Canibus being a "not quite old-school" classic. BIG and Pac even though it had a tragic ending was worthy of listening to. 50 cent and Ja Rule was epic as 50 ended all of murder Inc. and they showed real animosity. The last actual decent one which ended up with good music was probably Ludacris and TI, where on one unreleased song Luda showed his lyrical superiority. You can never forget about Jay-z and Nas even though they made up. Jadakiss and Beanie Sigel seemed forced, frivolous and false. TI and Shawty Lo doesn't really count because Shawty Lo sucks ass and can't rap so TI got to show off some skills against him.

But this new Joe Budden and Saigon beef shows a big problem with the new generation. It is way too much access to outlets to get records out quickly. Saigon makes a video blog and hours later Joe Budden has a song out. 8 hours later there is a diss song from Saigon who had the time to get snippets from Prodigy (who isnt even relevant) talking about my man Joe. Now I'm a Budden fan but he makes it even worse by coming back hours later with another 4 minute diss record. I'm overloaded like wtf.

I mean you used to be able to count on a couple of weeks of subliminal disses that you had to listen deeply for. Then if you were lucky you got an all-out go hard blitz that ended up only on a Clue tape because his shit was the hottest. Now you got the joints on 3-6 sites within the first hour of it's posting and critiques of it. It's no build-up, no anticipation no time to absorb and dissect each record and discuss amongst your friends. Man You would be listening to a diss record for a week before you heard a reply and had digested every possible innuendo, now, you take it for granted. Let's make the beef worthwhile fellas. By the time Budden album drops at the end of February we will have forgotten about him and Saigon.


  1. Good observation.

    I forgot about the 'old' days of diss tracks coming out over a span of weeks, and not hours...

  2. Right.. Clue used to get everything.. and diss songs were something you waited on .. now you can pull up 15 a day. bull.... pure bull how many disses does Max B have a day...

  3. Haha, I ain't even know Saigon and Joe Budden was beefing, what they comparing who got dropped the fastest? Niggas is wack, at least pac and big was making hits when they was beefing, these niggas got too much time on their hands.

    nc17 the don


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