Hip-hop and Style

Welcome to 2009, there's a lot going to happen in this year including the opinions expressed in this blog. For the next year we're going to be more controversial and adversarial when it comes to challenging the established opinions in music.

So let me get right into it, Hip-hop and style. For years rappers have brought style to the forefront, whether it was track suits, shades, adidas, hammer pants, you name it, hip-hop has helped influence the style trends. Slick Rick and Big Daddy Kane were huge dapper dons in rap. It fit their personas, but however it didn't make them. Guys like LL could rap and have a style that fit their personality. It doesn't be the same today. I mean Kool G. Rap could mention how fly he was without that being the entire "reason" for his existence. Today you have guys like Rocko or Jim Jones whose entire existence is based around their "swag" or style. Everyone is so outlandish and cartoonish in their attempts to try and seen as the leader in style. The problem is they don't have anything else to do with themselves. The idea that they have a style overshadows anything that they may do as far as hip-hop.

The potential for these guys to become fashion icons doesn't really bother me as much as the fact the style they represent doesn't go along with the lifestyle that they present in print and on wax. Jim Jones talks about how much he is a hustler and stays on the block yet he is wearing scarves and skinny ass jeans. That's not the hustler look. That's Kanye West and we know he doesn't have any hustler credentials. DMX is the hood, always has, always will be. I mean Puffy is a suave guy but he wears suits so it fits his business mogul image. The crazy thing is that everyone has this idea that they have to create this super image but they put nothing into their music. Look at Lil Wayne. Look at Soulja Boy. All obsessed with things.

As fans, most of us aren't any better. What happened when Jay-z said he didn't wear jerseys anymore. You can't find a throwback anymore. I have to feel that more now than ever, what rappers say and do affects the culture. More fans refuse to have their own ideas and identities outside of the people they idolize. Look at how Kanye has influenced Lupe, Kid Cudi, and Charles Hamilton. All clones. The worst part is they look just like Juelz santana, wayne, and Ace hood and none of them sound alike. Let's take 2009 and find our own identities.

These dudes right here, their gear fit their style for real son. I present to you: Mobb Deep.


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