Local Spotlight Duce Wayne

So a few months ago I posted a song by a guy from Baltimore named Duce Wayne courtesy of my man Piro over at The Pizzle Report . He's back with his new mixtape Punchlines and Polos. Now you all should know I don't like these pseudo mixtapes at all because they aren't mixes, it's just a lame name for an album, but off the strength of the song i downloaded it anyway.

I can say that I wasn't disappointed by it at all. Duce actually has lyrics and the talent to put them together in a way that flows smoothly, not like a Lil wayne who just throws them out there regardless of whether they are relevant to the rest of the song. The one thing I would say is that he has potential to improve upon his song creation.

By that i mean his topics and having songs that have a wider breadth of topics and emotions. I can see him developing into a Joe Budden type of artist (now that's a good thing if you actually listen to Joe's songs that relate to his life). That's what I would like to see from Duce. The ability to spit is very present but to be able to do that and get a stronger 'single' would definately show everyone what Duce is about.


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