I'm not looking forward to T.I.'s new album

Honestly I'm not. I must admit I have been influenced by one of my friends who said that the last couple albums that Clifford has released are the pinnacle of his career and I tend to agree. I mean T.I. would never be confused as a guy who is remotely lyrical. He does however mix the passion and reality of his life and get the ideas across on wax better than most and he does seem genuine but where is there for him to go?

I'm not a hater because Tip is one of my favorite rappers especially when you look at Southern artists I'd much rather listen to him than Weezy but I just don't see how he can improve. Making the same album for basically the third time will satisfy a substantial part of the music buying public, but he needs a mega single to make anyone think that he can be the "king" once more...


  1. I bag to defer my good man, TI is very lyrical at times. Paper Trail was purposely lyrical, insightful, and positive without being preachy or corny. It seems in his Post Jail tracks the agression is back and he's not worried about looking good for the judge, he wants to get back to traping. But the thing is how can he keep it fresh? I doubt that this album will produce a "What you know about that" or "Bringm out" but I wouldn't bet against Tip shawty

  2. Oh i think he can do a Bring em out or what you know about that because one thing he can do is make those big singles but lyrics are not what TI does. He isn't very descriptive or colorful in metaphors but he is 'real'. I don't think he can make another "Live in the Sky" or Dead and Gone which are the songs I like the most.


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