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Monday, February 28, 2011

You excited about Detox? I'm not...

Let me say this, Dr. Dre is one of the biggest hip-hop icons involved with just about everything major that has come out of LA for the past 20 years from "Turn Out the Lights" with the World Class Wreckin Cru to the fact that Nipsey Hussle looks like he could be Snoop's lost child. Dre has shaped everything we expect from the West Coast plus thrown out Eminem and 50 Cent. To say his resume isn't impressive would be a lie.

However, all of that is because of his production, influence, and executive decision making. When it comes to his actual songs, I have been less than impressed. I mean sure he has hits, the Chronic is a classic, but Doggystyle is better. The Chronic 2001 was solid, but The Eminem Show and Get Rich or Die Trying were waaaaaay better. Hell I would listen to more songs on an Xzibit album than a Dre one most of the times.

Look, when is the last time you looked forward to a Dre verse? You haven't and you know he's not even writing them. They sound choppy half of the time and the best part of those songs is how whoever the guest is on the track sounds and the beat itself. Unless you're a big West Coast rap guy or old funk fan, at the worst, a third of the songs on that album you skipped over. I understand the West Coast is about pimpin, bangin', and smoking weed, but you don't even believe Dre is doing any of that and the more I look at him trying to bounce around in his black tee and keep from smiling while he mean mugs, the more awkward it looks.

Then there is the fact he takes for damn ever. If you're going to take a decade to put out an album, I should consider every single song a classic, there had better be no filler, or songs that make me go "ehhh". Do i think that will happen? Nope.

The worst part is that Dre has this reputation of being a perfectionist but is that true or is he just a bullshitter, who when he does actually finish, makes enough money to justify the waits? I'll tell you what, when Detox officially drops, we will know won't we.

Monday, February 21, 2011


I should not be publicizing this nonsense but I saw this and wonder what is wrong with females in hip-hop. We have shit like this ( i know it says Big Gates artist-meaning something to do with Plies and his brother).

This chick says her pussy is "yankin" which sounds like something that you do not want a pussy to be in my opinion. We need to stick to good, or wet because yankin sounds like I'm going to get something. Then she's not even cute. what the hell is really good? not a damn thing.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Hip-Hop's evolution...Part 1..I guess

So first things first, sorry for the hiatus but I need to get some more inspiration from hip-hop in general sorry. But I am here now and one thing I want to address now is how hip-hop and rap music has evolved and created sub-genres or niches much like Rock, Blues, and Country have done in the past.

See one of the biggest things in hip-hop (what inspired me right now) when it began was the art of the battle. Especially in NY where to be a true MC you had to have gone through some battles of some sort in order to prove their worthiness. If you could make songs, cool, but if you didn't have some sort of skill to hold your own in battles on the street, no one would respect what you put out. Legendary battles included LL vs damn near everyone, DMX vs Jay-Z, and KRS vs damn near anyone. Those are are the guys who are well-known through battling and being able to make records. Then you have someone like Supernatural who made a name for himself exclusively through freestyles and battling.

Today, there is a bigger divide in hip-hop than ever. You have mainstream artists like Nelly who are considered Pop artists in the vein of MC Hammer because no one really judges their lyrical skill, we just know they can make a hit record. Then there are the 'street' rappers or 'trappers' like Rick Ross, Jeezy, Gucci Mane, and Styles P, who all have varying degrees of lyricism and skill but in general are able to create enough records to get played on radio, and enough grit to be able to drop mix tapes regularly to keep their street fans satisfied. Next we have the conscious rappers who include Drake, Common, and Kanye, not that they are always community oriented, but their soulful sounds in general keep them seen in a more positive light than their street counterparts. Underground cats include Little Brother, Sheek, and Sean P who all have differing topics and skills but who never get play on normal radio and definately not outside of defined hours for "strict hip-hop'.

The final kind of guy I want to address however, is the new breed of Battle Rapper. These are the guys who you see on Grind Time or whatever other 'battle leagues' they have now. Who knows if they actually make records, i'm assuming most of them gain underground fans through their battling prowess in these dvd/internet televised altercations.

These guys right here are pure hip-hop, raw and unadulterated. You've got written verses, freestyle, hot lyrics, punchlines, and one liners galore along with metaphors that  carry over from bar o bar. I don't normally watch too many of these but you can see how much they have developed in the past few years from just random yelling and screaming and shaky camera work to something that is truly professionally done. Where we once saw Jin jump from 106th and Park to the Ruff Ryders label, instead we now have guys who get there just to further their credibility on the underground battling scene where there are records and titles, and money to be made.

So while someone like myself would love to see/hear more diversity in the mainstream, it is nice to know that thanks to new technology and the growing popularity of hip-hop in general, that I can find whatever type of music it is that I like. However, the old-school dude in me would love to see more well-rounded rappers who can move from each sub-genre with little effort and show the full range of skills.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Puff wants Barack to do better...Oh really?

So a Blogger buddy of mine, Miss Kitty Bradshaw posted this link on her twitter feed about something on the Necole Bitchie (smh) blog. Here's the link, and let me quote for you what your boy Puff says:

I love the president like most of us. I just want the president to do better. There’s a difference between us voting for somebody and us believing in somebody. He’s the person that we believed in so I pray night and day that he understands how God ordained his presidency. I feel there was a promise made to God to look after people that was less fortunate, and [many] of those people are African-American…
The President should choose doing the right thing, even if it isn’t easy politically. It’s something he might not get reelected for, but we elected him. He owes us. I’d rather have a black president that was man enough to say that he was doing something for black people have one term than a president who played the politics game have two terms.

So Puff thinks the president needs to focus more on specifically black issues is that it? Because that's sure to go over really well. Honestly, we need to focus on the country's issues, at least thats what I expect the President to do, and I think he has tried. However, there are people called Congressmen and women who actually make the laws and have their own agendas and ability to impede the progress, making it necessary to compromise which means some things aren't going to get done. That's the fact of the matter about politics, you have to cut deals, just like in business.

But how about what Puff himself can do to help better the lives of black people, other than the strippers at King of Diamonds:

along with attending Miami Heat games, and making wack ass songs that are about "getting money", and that lame ass Last Train to Paris he promoted. You see Puff bought all the ads on worldstar to promote that garbage yet where is he promoting some educational foundations? How is that the dude who founded Facebook can donate money to the Newark school system and our hip-hop leaders aren't doing a damn thing. Yes I get very passionate about this because these same characters have so much opportunity yet we get more songs about selling kis, buying bentleys, bugattis, and all sorts of expensive watches without re-investing in the hood to give the youth alternative means to grow and to get said riches.

I was on facebook and I commented on how Dunkin Donuts is never owned by any black families yet I see whole entire crews of Indian/Pakistani folk operating them. I mean Magic had a good idea to start developing urban areas with starbucks and TGIFridays but that idea seems to be dying down. If Puff can start a fashion line that doesn't give very many black people jobs in this country, why can't he get behind a successful urban business to help start a franchise and enable our people to do for ourselves by creating stable urban businesses? Where are the grants for urban development and ideas from these guys? Nope, they would rather just throw a hundred thousand bucks on some strippers so they can go and buy some Louie Bags to put in their rathole apartments and get mad when they get stolen. So here is a big F you to Puffy. And take them damn fronts out of your mouth, you too old for that shit!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Inmate Wives of Baltimore...

ok, I know you're seeing the title and you're like what the fuck is this he's writing about now? (excuse the language so early), but this is a local 'series' on youtube. Now I was ready to go in on these women in the videos but that wouldn't accomplish anything. I actually think that this is an idea that has potential to really get something across and A&E or someone decent (not you BET) needs to hop on this concept.

With proper editing, pacing, formatting, and direction, this could really open some eyes about dealing with inmates and relationships and women who are dealing with guys who are living the street life. This may give some out there a second thought about the lives they might be leading.

That ain't hip-hop man, why you even looking at this shit? Well, one of the biggest shows in the hip-hop demographics is the Real Housewives of Atlanta, which I must say, way too many of you dudes are watching by yourselves. Too many grown ass men got jokes about Kandi and whoever else is on that show. But let me get off of my soapbox about that and focus on the task at hand. If you can watch that soap opera fantasy BS, then you can watch this. This is real, maybe too real, but real.

Just like Ross is a glamorization of the drug dealer lifestyle, that show is the glamorization of hood relationships, this right here nigga, is that real. Honestly, this is a side that we don't get in our music. I haven't heard any decent female rappers come to address this subject, not even close, or thinking about approaching this type of subject. There is so much possible depth to this it's amazing. Why aren't any of our rappers talking about the feeling of being in jail on the phone with wifey, or not knowing when they gonna see her again? Instead all I hear is dudes telling random broads they gonna buy them bags and shoes not for any reason but to show off. Or I might hear how Joey Crack or another rapper is gonna take someones girl while they locked up. I want to hear some real life sometimes, and while I wish it was more professionally done, that desire to hate, knock, or just call these chicks birds isn't in me. In fact I wish them success, and someone to help them develop their video skills to get their story out.

The Youtube channel is here for Inmate Wives


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