I should not be publicizing this nonsense but I saw this and wonder what is wrong with females in hip-hop. We have shit like this ( i know it says Big Gates artist-meaning something to do with Plies and his brother).

This chick says her pussy is "yankin" which sounds like something that you do not want a pussy to be in my opinion. We need to stick to good, or wet because yankin sounds like I'm going to get something. Then she's not even cute. what the hell is really good? not a damn thing.


  1. As Omar from the Wire used to say: The Game is the Game...

    Remember Akinyele's Put It Your Mouth back in the mid 90s.. meet his descendant.

    like herpes, pussy raps tend to flare up every so often.

  2. Had to find it on google as video was yanked (erm... yeah) from your link.

    Complete shit from top to bottom. Stupid beat, stupid lyrics and terrible video.

    I aint one to talk about looks, but if you gonna make a song about something physical you have, you better look good enough to say that.

  3. I can't bother to listen to this a second time to get the whole essence of the song, But "pussy be yankin" is about sexual skill not looks.
    The song seems to say I am promiscuous and good in bed- great message for all the ladies, I think I'll post the link for my nieces to see ;)

  4. I honestly think that this song is amazing. If a man said his penis is yankin or amazing, yall wouldnt be having the same conversation!!! Let her express her sexuallity in whatever way she pleses! If you dont like it, dont give negative feedback and dont wacth it!!

  5. Anonymous- that's a stupid idea to not give an opinion on something I don't like. You didn't like my take yet you commented...get how that idea is absolutely retarded? And if you think this is amazing, then again I maybe do have to question your comprehension skills- nothing amazing at all even if you do like it.,


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