Inmate Wives of Baltimore...

ok, I know you're seeing the title and you're like what the fuck is this he's writing about now? (excuse the language so early), but this is a local 'series' on youtube. Now I was ready to go in on these women in the videos but that wouldn't accomplish anything. I actually think that this is an idea that has potential to really get something across and A&E or someone decent (not you BET) needs to hop on this concept.

With proper editing, pacing, formatting, and direction, this could really open some eyes about dealing with inmates and relationships and women who are dealing with guys who are living the street life. This may give some out there a second thought about the lives they might be leading.

That ain't hip-hop man, why you even looking at this shit? Well, one of the biggest shows in the hip-hop demographics is the Real Housewives of Atlanta, which I must say, way too many of you dudes are watching by yourselves. Too many grown ass men got jokes about Kandi and whoever else is on that show. But let me get off of my soapbox about that and focus on the task at hand. If you can watch that soap opera fantasy BS, then you can watch this. This is real, maybe too real, but real.

Just like Ross is a glamorization of the drug dealer lifestyle, that show is the glamorization of hood relationships, this right here nigga, is that real. Honestly, this is a side that we don't get in our music. I haven't heard any decent female rappers come to address this subject, not even close, or thinking about approaching this type of subject. There is so much possible depth to this it's amazing. Why aren't any of our rappers talking about the feeling of being in jail on the phone with wifey, or not knowing when they gonna see her again? Instead all I hear is dudes telling random broads they gonna buy them bags and shoes not for any reason but to show off. Or I might hear how Joey Crack or another rapper is gonna take someones girl while they locked up. I want to hear some real life sometimes, and while I wish it was more professionally done, that desire to hate, knock, or just call these chicks birds isn't in me. In fact I wish them success, and someone to help them develop their video skills to get their story out.

The Youtube channel is here for Inmate Wives


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