You excited about Detox? I'm not...

Let me say this, Dr. Dre is one of the biggest hip-hop icons involved with just about everything major that has come out of LA for the past 20 years from "Turn Out the Lights" with the World Class Wreckin Cru to the fact that Nipsey Hussle looks like he could be Snoop's lost child. Dre has shaped everything we expect from the West Coast plus thrown out Eminem and 50 Cent. To say his resume isn't impressive would be a lie.

However, all of that is because of his production, influence, and executive decision making. When it comes to his actual songs, I have been less than impressed. I mean sure he has hits, the Chronic is a classic, but Doggystyle is better. The Chronic 2001 was solid, but The Eminem Show and Get Rich or Die Trying were waaaaaay better. Hell I would listen to more songs on an Xzibit album than a Dre one most of the times.

Look, when is the last time you looked forward to a Dre verse? You haven't and you know he's not even writing them. They sound choppy half of the time and the best part of those songs is how whoever the guest is on the track sounds and the beat itself. Unless you're a big West Coast rap guy or old funk fan, at the worst, a third of the songs on that album you skipped over. I understand the West Coast is about pimpin, bangin', and smoking weed, but you don't even believe Dre is doing any of that and the more I look at him trying to bounce around in his black tee and keep from smiling while he mean mugs, the more awkward it looks.

Then there is the fact he takes for damn ever. If you're going to take a decade to put out an album, I should consider every single song a classic, there had better be no filler, or songs that make me go "ehhh". Do i think that will happen? Nope.

The worst part is that Dre has this reputation of being a perfectionist but is that true or is he just a bullshitter, who when he does actually finish, makes enough money to justify the waits? I'll tell you what, when Detox officially drops, we will know won't we.


  1. I get what you're sayin, I really do.

    But his production and beats are to die for.

    As crazy as it sounds, I can admire a hot verse. But if I hear a great tune behind I'll love a good verse.

    True, when I think of the best lyricists, I don't think of Dr Dre. But when I think of the best songs (individual songs, not albums) Dre's hits pop into my mind.

    I'm a weirdo cuz I treat songs individually. Very, very few rappers/singers have ever impressed me with an entire album.

    So lookin at singles, I only liked Kush, and I'm not feelin I Need a Doctor... so far not so good.

    I need (at least) that one/two songs that I'll be poppin into my headphones a decade later for it to be good enough as I expect from Dre.

    But like you said, we'll see


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