Album Review- The Game- Jesus Piece

The Game has always been controversial since he first dropped. He has constantly made news, beefing with everyone from 50 Cent to 40 Cal, and recently throwing veiled threats at Shyne for his comments about Kendrick Lamarr. His Fifth studio album, Jesus Piece has had enough of interview promotion at this point so it on to determining whether or not Game still has what it takes to make good music. Here is my review of The Game's newest album, Jesus Piece.

First of all Game seems to have decided to forgo name dropping on this album by just having everyone on it. He only has two tracks without features. Meek Mill is the first on "Scared Now" which has a dark tone and piano riff where Game starts off spitting about fighting 40 Cal in the streets but then he goes back into talking about the fall out with 50 Cent. Meek spits about nothing at all. "Ali Bomaye" features 2 Chainz and Rick Ross. Chainz manages to sound halfway decent on this track which is unorthodox because there are sort of mixed verses that aren't just straight up 16's. The title track, "Jesus Piece" features Common and Kanye West which somehow manages to be underwhelming.

On "Pray" which features J. Cole and JMSN, Game does his best Cole impersonation as he has been known to do with certain features. His bars are a bit weak on this one and Cole spins some unbelievable tale about how some woman's life got ruined. Meanwhile Game is recycling concepts on "Church" with King Chip and Trey Songz. Recycling the idea is because he took Meek Mills' "Amen" and carries the same idea and feel on this song and brings on Trey instead of Drake to handle the chorus. The remake of D'angelo's "Lady" (with the same title) features Wayne, Big Sean, Fabolous, and Jeremih and his struggle singing.

Jayceon finally does one song by himself on "Heavenly Arms" but it isn't deep or anything, but he does his best spitting thus far on this song. Pusha T gets his feature on "Name Me King" where Game tries his best Clipse flow but can't do it like Pusha. One of the more intriguing features is singer Tank who you wouldn't expect. He joins Kendrick Lamarr with Game on "See No Evil" which is about the streets and lifestyle of Compton, yet again, but it's a good song if formulaic and expected. Meanwhile "Can't Get Right" with K. Roosevelt is Game going over his relationship with Dre again for the third time.

Continuing with the religious theme, Jamie Foxx is back singing on "Hallelujah". "Freedom" features Elijah Blake and is about going over his career with his name dropping as usual. "Celebration" reinterprets Bone's classic 'First of the Month' and includes Chris Brown, Tyga, Wiz Khalifa, and Lil Wayne as they talk about smoking and drinking. Young Jeezy appears on this album along with Future on "I Remember" where they rap about being able to remember how to go back to certain lifestyles. Future sucks and Game drops gems like "got an off-white porsche; cumstain". The game ends his album on his own with "Blood Diamonds" where he plays on his gang affiliation, his success, and what a Blood Diamond is. This is the strongest concept on the entire album.

Unfortunately for Game, this album is boring compared to the RED album. He has too many features and his attempts to play on the religious iconography he has set up is poor because most of the songs lack a real focus and progression on them. On at least three occasions he brings up his break up with Dre, which was three albums ago, we know and we get it, and we're tired of hearing about it. The 50 Cent references are not as frequent, but it seems a bit fortuitous that 50 would start to throw shots just before Game's album drops so that Game can respond. But back to the music, I just couldn't focus during large portions of it because there was nothing to grab me and drag me in. The beats are all ok though none are real bangers or different enough to make the ears perk up.

Rating: 2.5/5


  1. Jesus Piece, HAllelujah, Ali Bomaye, and Name me King are very very good beats that would/should make any real rap fans ears perk up. Sorry they arent garbage Gucci MAne, Rick Ross, 2 Chainz type beats that have caused the demise of hip hop.

  2. LMAO the production on this album was insane, you don't know beats at all bro.

  3. They were all pretty much the same throughout the entire album so at some point it gets boring. The previous game album was better musically.

  4. I don't know what's up with all the other big reviewers, but it's nice to see you tell it like it is. The album that he would hail to be his best is his worst ever. It's so skippable and nothings memorable. He would've had one jewel if he would've kept the Bone version of Celebration on his album instead of that mediocre version that is on it now. Not really a smart move. I guess that would've stood out too much as being the only worthy cut, so he had to wack it up with some newer artists.

    I know his next move will be to let 50 play into his head, but he doesn't understand that 50 is strategic at beef and that could further The Game's downfall if he makes the wrong moves. This latest album is definitely passable and sleepy. If I were him, I'd make a Super Deluxe Edition and put all new tracks on it and feature Bone on their own cut this time lol


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