Not feeling hip-hop right now...

Look I know the few readers I have are probably pissed off at my hiatus right now. I get it, there are plenty of places to go and get some hip-hop news and highlights but not very many where there are places to get an actual discussion about issues and how they relate in hip-hop. The problem is, there hasn't been a lot to talk about. There are like a bunch of mixtapes and I can't get through them all. I get a lot of independent music and the truth s most of it is garbage and people who haven't read a thing I have written if they think I'm going to like the next Future rip-off. It's frustrating and I'm trying to balance but I will keep up the good fight.

With that said, i was on world star and I saw the kid from X-Factor a couple of years ago, Astro had a new video. I decided to give him a shot and kid can spit. I mean like taking it back to the late 90's when we just knew A+ was going to take off.

The beats are a little odd and the hook is just other words exactly like the 90's. So while thinking there might not be enough life left in music to keep sustaining something to talk about, I got a glimmer of hope. In other news Rick Ross got shot at...or maybe he didn't who knows.


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