Album Review- B.O.B. - Underground Luxury

I have been slacking major on the album reviews lately I know, but one of the few remaining joints I was waiting for this year is just dropping, and no, not no damn Beyonce. Bob is often over looked when talking about the shining stars of this new generation of rap artists, but he is easily the most versatile and talented. I definitely prefer his style over that of Drake but there was a little concern that this Undergrounf Luxury album wouldn't be what he normally gives us and it kind of scared people off, but I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. Here is my review of the new B.O.B. album, "Underground Luxury".

The album starts off with "All I want" where Bobbie Ray talks about how he is out for the money, like every other rapper mind you but he says things like "I rather have an M/than an empty pocket" and gives the reasons on why he wants the money which adds just a touch of depth to an otherwise trite idea. He follows that with more of the song that we know from B.O.B., "One Day" which is an aspirational song to achievement and success in contrast to the straight forwardness presented on the first track. It's not ultra-original, but it's a well-done clean sounding song. On "Paper Route" Bob spits with more aggression and gets more political and asks if you know what's going on around you all the while staying focused about the paper.

"Back Me Up" is something for back home in Atlanta and it's alright in the sense it's like some simple 2 Chainz raps. Future features on "Ready" in more of what is hot right now. It's decent for what it is, but "Throwback" with Chris Brown is straight fire. "Coastline" is more of the pop vibe that Bob has used to his success as he talks about trying to find his way 'out of the desert in search of the shore' .

In the next section, things get more ratchet with Ester Dean on "Wide Open", 2 Chainz and the single "Head Bandz" and "FlyMuthafucka" which is the song which has the different touch BOB brings but it works against him and this song is really annoying. "John Doe" features a singer named Priscilla as she talks about wanting to get the guy she once knew back after he stops drinking, meanwhile BOB talks about that struggle with addiction. "Cranberry Moonwalk" is just an overall good song.

"Nobody Told Me" goes against the early theme of the album as BOB sings that "nobody told me money don't make you rich". "Forever" is engineered in an annoying manner because it is slightly auto tuned and repetitive. His rap verses are straight however. The album ends with the Juicy J and TI assisted "We Still in This Bitch" which still bangs off the meters.

Overall BOB is one of the more solid artists out today. He has such a wide range of talents that he manages to bring together in a way that doesn't seem forced or awkward and not many artists can do that. He covers an incredible amount of range over his songs and this album is no exception. There are a couple of songs that overall just irritate me personally but the majority of them are above average. "Throwback" is my favorite song that hasn't been released yet but I can see it getting the single treatment. Those who worry that BOB might be losing his way really have nothing to worry about as he is as good as ever.

Rating: 3.5/5


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