Independent Wednesday

This week the first drop is from a West Coast MC who goes by The Capitol. The West is blowing up with a thriving underground scene that has a lot of gems like this guy. With a voice that sounds like Chris Kelly of Kriss Kross and Q Tip (don't laugh) he comes with a nice clean flow and style. The production on his datpiff mixtape which is called "The Great Unknown" is very crisp and he comes with solid lyrics and song concepts. It feels like a weekend in Cali for real. He is a throwback in a few ways beyond just the sound he has.

Hit that link above with the mixtape title and grab it datpiff. The only thing is that the way hip-hop is set up now, you have to have some serious 808 and Southern sounds somewhere on a project to make it viable nationally and The Capital doesn't have that right now.

Second up is a Southern rapper who doesn't sound like he's from the trap, J. Nolan is about to release a project with Reese Jones called "Humble Legends". In the meantime, they sent over "Real Fellas" these two dudes are flowing over this joint. This is some vintage NY good shit right here. I mean the J. Cole fans could probably get with it but I actually liked these dudes. They were kind of going in on this one. I also listened to some of the other joints that J. Nolan had on his soundcloud, and dude can really spit. He has a variety of flows and content with decent similes and metaphors. I have to listen more closely to see just how lyrical he is but I was very impressed by what I heard.

 I guess i wouldn't be doing my duty if I didn't bring the trap to my people who are fans of Jeezy and Ross. KA-Flame is a rapper from the South who has a couple of different sides. On one hand he has the every day trap shit that is popular and he has some serious mixtapes- of which he has loaded the entire joints on youtube for you to peruse. He also has songs about being doubted by his family and trying to make it. He can rap a little bit, I'm not going to front, he isn't just a style over substance rapper. Take some time and give Ka-Flame a listen or two.


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