Independent Wednesday

So looking at this video at first glance I was ready to trash this dude because he seemed like he was going to be too silly but I gave it a chance and I can say I was pleasantly surprised. Dylan Phillip has a nice flow and some decent lyrics. The flow is real smooth and a throwback. I took it to his website and the originality isn't always there as far as topics I mean "You Got Swag I Got Soul" is a typical attacking the 'popular' mainstream rap type of track but he overcomes some of that with solid rap skills and a cool beat. It does remind me of the late 90's and has some jazz to it.

"Brand New" is a decent album track and it's funny these days some things feel like they are meant to kind of fit the formula of the 90's where you have tracks for the ladies and songs that are outside of a core skill set but it really doesn't translate in this new market where online is where you're going to gain ground unless it is exceptional.

Okay so next up is Kato Dox. Kato is a Dallas rapper who isn't Southern or Trill in his style. From what I have heard he is alright. I mean I'm not going to kill myself when I hear him but I'm not going to fight you over his music myself. I know no rapper wants to hear they just don't stand out and exist but for me, that's where Kato falls into. There are times his flow isn't as smooth or unique as it could be, his voice isn't particularly standout and the lyrics I heard are just average. He has a decent resume of being in some good performance spots with other industry acts so he must work hard but musically, I'm not moved.

Third this week I'm going to drop something slightly different, as Maryann the "BaeGod" who is a rap/r&b hybrid female artist. Yet another person from Cali (the West Coast indie scene is still thriving people) she has some energetic songs and great production behind them as well as engineering. There are songs she has I could see gathering a sort of following that might possibly push her into the mainstream consciousness, but she has to be careful. I mean some of the hooks are solid but going back and forth rapping and singing can be tricky, especially when a lot of extra things are thrown into the mix like auto-tune and EDM songs. You kind of have to get a lane and work through it first so the audience doesn't get confused.

Now I think she can spit a bit. Not counting on her to drop a bunch of deepness but she is solid. I do not like the "BaeGod" though. It is way too trendy and won't last even as a little catch phrase. I also may be old though so there is that. She might ahve been the best new artist I just listened to so live it up.


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