Album Review- MGK- General Admission

I don't know what to think of what MGK does these days. I rarely hear any real buzz about him in the normal hip-hop circles but I know he still sells out shows and gets it in on the road. While the last news I heard was he was dating Amber Rose for a period of time. he also is still recording. I didn't really go through his last release, "Black Flag" but I did decode to come back for this new album - "General Admission" which is still going through Bad Boy courtesy of Interscope.

The album starts off with "Spotlight" which features Lizzy Hale. On this song MGK is actually getting into some depth talking about the things that lead to him having the focus on his life. Production wise this one starts out with some very simple guitar and bass chords that builds up for the first chorus and takes off and he lets you know that this is his story, not someone else. "Alpha Omega" brings the more typical MGK energy and I like it a lot. Then he switches up the feel again with "Till I Die" which has a more spooky and sparse beat with a heavy bass drum kick punctuating the track.

"Everyday" is another cool track that has a real nice sound to it where Kells raps about trying to survive on the daily in Cleveland before making it. It represents the kind of song people love him for as he speaks for them. "A Little More" with Victoria Monet is Kelly's more political side as he looks at whats going on from celebrity worship to bullying and the untrustworthy government. The chorus states "We All Need a Little More Love" and thats where he is going with it, being more in tune with one another. "Make It Happen" is a general inspirational song it's alright. "Therapy" has Kelly getting some things off of his chest the only way he can deal with them since he is always moving around.

"Gone" with Leroy Sanchez reminds me of some of Eminem's songs about having to be away from what matters the most in order to be successful in order to take care of them. "Merry Go Round" is a story rap with a sad ending dealing with substance abuse and a negative decision when dealing with stress. "Eddie Cane" is a more personal song from MGK about the consequences of the streets and he also features Kid Rock on "Bad Mother Fcker" to satisfy his rock cravings.

This album was better than I was expecting from a surprise from MGK. He can get too amped up at times and get caught up in the rock star lifestyle. This album was a swing back in the other direction with more personal less party oriented songs that hit home a bit more. These songs seem to be more along the lines of what made him a sensation to begin with. Now some of the sounds are a bit repetitive after the first 5 tracks which have different sounds on each so it could have been sequenced a little better to help keep the interest up. I think Everyday is a real stand out track in the midst of all of that. If you have every checked out some of his music I recommend that you give this album a listen you should like it. This is also a good album if you haven't checked him out before or been a fan.

Rating: 3/5


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