Hip-Hop needs a general council

I know most people don't like the idea of someone holding down their freedom of expression and for the most part i agree, but the problem is that there has become such a low standard that someone, or group needs to step up and stand for something. Too many new artists doing stuff that they don't have the cache to be able to pull off, and generally disrespecting the game in some ways. A lot of this is because they don't know any better.

Look, in general I hate Waka Flacka Flame. I won't listen to that shit, however, for the sake of this blog and what the people have come to expect, I might have listened to his album if I thought it wasn't a mixtape. Honestly, to actually name your album "Flackavelli" at this stage, is something that should not have been allowed. A mixtape, fine, that's unofficial. However, Pac was one of the most influential artists ever, hip-hop or otherwise and for this idiot to take the title of his posthumous album is a mockery of music itself. Someone at some point was supposed to step in and say, no, this cannot happen. Not only is Waka not mentally capable of creating such work (and yes I'm being very judgemental here) but career wise, he hasn't been around long enough to justify saying he has the same kind of impact. Name me a song off of Flackavelli....I'll wait.

Then there was the last albums by Nas and Jeezy, "Nigger" and "The Recession". It's funny a friend told me that it seems as though the titles are on the wrong albums. It's like they mixed up the packaging. Which artist is more likely to be the "Nigger" and which one more likely to understand and use the idea of a "Recession" in an album. Not saying Nas is the smartest guy, but his track record can speak for itself. Someone needs to step in and tell Jeezy no in this situation, it isn't going to work for you. Yes, it's arrogant but dammit there need to be some sort of standards for hip-hop to survive and exist with respectability.

Last year we had Drake and Nicki Minaj both turn down being on the XXL freshmen cover. Who told them they were too good to be on the cover with the other rookies. They 'felt' like they were beyond that. How? No one on that cover decided in January to start rapping and ended up on the cover, they all put in years. Who is letting these new artists think they have already had 4 solid album careers, mix tapes? Those aren't albums kid, they don't count. Point blank, people need to be forced to have some respect for the game and what is truly sacred.

Yes there are some things that should be sacred in hip-hop. While competition is part of the game, you should have to have a minimum number of albums and direct contact to go at some people. Jay-Z vs. Jimmy and Cam'ron- that was fine, there were reasons behind it as well as a modicum of achievement for each party. But some of these other random out of the woodwork guys that can't even rap-need a strict "C'mon son" from Ed Lover. Any body can get dissed at any time but not by any one.

Now as I sit here seeing what's the latest haps, once again I see another situation where the council needs to be around to step in. Triple C's have decided to remake the Geto Boy's classic, "My Mind's Playing Tricks on Me" and of course, this shit is terrible. I don't care how popular you think you are, what the situation around you is, but some things you have to go over with a fine tooth comb before you touch.  This is one of them because it's ghetto and lame.

Look Let me know how you feel about the idea of a general council and who would be on it and what their purpose would be overall.


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