Lupe is a Fiasco

So I have been trying to figure out exactly how I wanted to approach this little issue. I have problems with people going at Barack Obama, I do, more than most politicians but in general, I don't think people have enough respect for how much the President is actually up against and how much work he has to do. However, people do have a right to express their displeasure, though I can also cast a critical eye on how they're doing it and what it is I can think they're trying to accomplish. In Lupe's case, he is another person who is at odds with the US foreign policy.

That in an of itself isn't too much to get me riled up but when you consistently call the leader of this country, and the free world in general a terrorist, I have a problem with that. When Kanye had his rant about George Bush I went against the grain and called him the idiot he was being because it wasn't the time, the forum, nor the proper way to handle the situation. This is the same, where Lupe is attempting to be controversial and extreme just to get attention.

I mean even Bill O'reilly has to defend Barack which is something that I know irritated him but there is a bigger point here. You can't just keep jumping to conclusions and going off of your limited information. I know conspiracy brothers always think they have the inside track on information that the general public doesn't have, or that when you prove them wrong, they have a way to excuse it so I don't want to try and change their minds totally, but it stands to reason that you aren't going to know everything that happens in the government because you aren't in it. This is called need-to-know information and you don't need to know and in fact it's better if you don't know so that others can do their jobs. Is the government always forthcoming, no. does the government agenda always align with my personal one or that of my circle of associates, no, but neither does the next group of people's agenda. The idea that if it does not fit in with my personal goals then it must be wrong or fraudulent would be doing the exact same thing.

I know it might seem odd, but Lupe sickens me. I honestly look at him as the Nas type who has read a couple of books but when someone tries to break it down, and that doesn't fit into what he has already decided, he turns that knowledge away. He is a guy who seems intelligent but isn't necessarily smart. He also is arrogant in that Kanye way where he comes across as if what he says is the absolute and if you don't go along then you are the idiot, not that it is based on fact, but just because it is how he feels. Much like this editorial and diatribe that I am presenting right now in a way. Going on based on some interviews and his music, I think Lupe is always going to attempt to go 'counterculture' and against the mainstream just for the sake of doing such.

I'm pretty sure people will disagree with me, especially when they look at my blog and the type of music I generally support, but I'm not down with Lupe or his ideals.


  1. you're right, that's what got me started being irritated. People who don't take the initiative to take part in the process in some form don't have that right to me either. mostly because they like to sit on the sidelines and not be held responsible but yet flap their gums. Thats why I respect Rhymefest for at least trying to get involved.


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