As Is Hip-Hop Awards - Biggest Disappointment 2012

Most people only want to talk about the things they liked but it needs to be said, sometimes you need to let people know when you expect more from them. Without further adieu, my most disappointing albums of 2012.

5. Young Jeezy - TM 103

Honestly, after the last album the streets were waiting on Jeezy. Hell, after the Recession, I was waiting on Jeezy to see if he could build upon his Ice Cube like street - political credibility and growing. Unfortunately, he didn't. TM 103 was a step and a half back in his career progression. Lovers of trap rap rejoiced but still, many of us were left looking for a little bit more from the snow man. In fact, we also don't hear as many people still humping Jeezy as they normally do.

4. Slaughterhouse - Welcome to Our House

While at the end of the day, I enjoyed the album, I still felt like something was missing from the album. Songs like "Park it Sideways" and "Throw it Away" don't really fit into the Slaughterhouse style but even worse was "Flip A Bird". We don't need them to dedicate songs to straight forward glorified hood tales, especially with generic approaches. They fell victim to their own skill and potential on this album and some of the pressure seemed to get to them.

3. 2 Chainz - Based on a Tru Story

Now no one expected 2 Chainz to come out spitting that fire, but even his hardcore swag-trap-rap fans were left severely dissapointed with this album. Chainz didn't do anything to prove to anyone he could rap and the hooks and beats weren't even on point. While Nicki Minaj killed "I Luv Them Strippers" the album was tired real fast for someone so hot in the streets.

2. Nicki Minaj - Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded

Some people I'm sure actually like this sophomore album but they would be fans of pop music and not hip-hop. Nicki used like half of her album for her up-tempo pop/dance tracks which is good for her I guess but as for her hip-hop songs, the album was lacking. When she does rap, Nicki can hold her own with the best of them, but too often she doesn't give us bars as much as she gives us funny voices.

1. Drake - Take Care

So Drake continues the sophomore slump for YMCMB. The album had a lot of hype and some of the more pop influenced songs like "Take Care" and "Marvins Room" were radio successes but the labum tracks were a huge let down for someone who can actually rap. Then there is the times when he gets into his tough talk mode and you can't believe him . No Matter how many times I try to listen to this album I can't get through it without turning it off and going to something with a harder edge.


  1. 2 Chainz should be number 1, all of the buzz and hype and it was pure garbage. Three hot songs is unexplainable.

    Take Care was one of the better albums of the year. Drake can rap circles around a lot of people when put on guest features. But albums are personal and I don't think you can knock him from talking about the most important things in his life, loving the wrong women, hurting the right women, canada and grandma, and people who poke fun at him. Maybe it's not much of a growth from the last album, but It felt sincere. And hip-hop is rapping (or singing) about what's in your heart.

  2. I don't actually feel like he means anything that he utters though. It's like the whole thing is a facade all the time. He doesn't seem authentic and thats my issue not so much the subject matter.


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