Gunplay is trying to Prove he's bout that life

So Gunplay aka Don Logan ( Guess that isn't working out is it?)  who's real name is Richard Morales is creating quite a buzz for himself and staying in the news, literally.

This dude who started to show me some energy and is a better actual rapper than Waka Flocka, though they have the same type of style. This is a problem however because he is being a bit too real with his lyrics. This video footage is almost as bad as the C-murder footage that sent him to jail. For someone with his rap sheet, and his profile, how did he think he could get away with this?

Then you have the fight that occurred at the BET hip-hop awards between himself and members of the G-Unit entourage. That also wasn't a good look as Gunplay ended up getting his chain snatched, eating a couple of punches, and getting pepper sprayed and arrested. All of this just when things are starting to ramp up for him, it's not a good look, especially to be on the real news, and not just being on TMZ or MTV. You have to do better than that because if you go down for a couple of years, you will miss your window. Just ask Mysonne how that worked out. Even worse is that now, everything is so trendy and clique related, by the time he gets out, MMG probably won't even be relevant anymore so he really won't be able to have a career.

Gunplay needs to get it together.


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