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So I am told to listen to this Yelawolf, of course I'm skeptical because the album was underwhelming to sya the least. But I took the word and went into it with an open mind and I must say this joint cranks. If you have a sub in your car, your whip will love you. This isn't just bass beats though cause Yela comes with some fire on here and he has some decent features, "Rhyme Room" with Raekwon and Killer Mike is of course up to par with a simple beat with a constant high hat and enough openness where it becomes about the words.

I should have probably started with "Firestarter" which is another simple joint but it does a lot to lay the groundwork for what the next 9 songs will include. "Box Chevy Part 4" doesn't seem like it would be what Yela does but it is smoothed out without being corny or out of place. I also like "Tennessee Love" but the best track is "Gangster" which features Asap Rocky.

So I also decided to take a chance on video/model/ word star big booty Wankaego. She seems cool and though I have nightmares of that twerk team mixtape sometimes I felt like I might as well give her a shot. I mean she was aight on the work hard play hard freestyle she had. This joing isn't 16 tracks, more like 15 and overall it's only average. I mean she doesn't really have too much content but she does have some decent production. "Sweet 16" for example will rock the trunk and the lyrics are alright at the beginning, but the overall concept is just ok to me. I mean the idea of saying you spit sweet 16's and you have some serious cop out bars kind of defeats itself even if you ride the track well. "Flexin" is the same thing with a catchier hook. But that's the problem, there isn't much depth but the same general raps about how I'm fly and getting money with surface level punchlines standing in for lyricism.

"Down To Ride" has her trying her best to have some depth about holding a dude down but she doesn't put her words to the bets use here either. "Blowing Money" might get some strip club play meanwhile "Swerve" has her getting her Future on as she talks about moving on. That song has a chance just based on how it's put together though I don't like it. "Moon and Stars" she struggles with her flow as she tries to depict her struggle. Since it wasn't all that good she can touch on the subject again without being redundant. It's actually unfortunate that every time she tries to do something with a subject matter, she struggles.

Now I also had high hopes for This Harry Fraud tape called "Adrift". Harry has produced some pretty good records from out of NY for French Montana, Red Cafe and others. In fact he is one of the few guys keeping the area somewhat relevant. The collection starts off with Action Bronson and "Morey Boogie Boards" which is such a Wu-Tang/Ghostface type song you would think this was 2000 and not 2013.

Rick Ross is featured on "Cassette Deck" alongside Slim Thug and Bun B which isn't bad but the album loses steam. French does alright on some of his appearances but one of my favorites is the Mac Miller and Chiddy (of Chiddy Bang) song "Open Your Eyes". Though neither really raps about anything they get in with the track and make you nod your head with melodic rhymes. Mac also does a decent job on "On My Shit". Danny Brown's feature is decent but overall while, Harry directs his production to each artists current style it defeats part of the purpose if they aren't also on a song that forces them to do something different. As an attempt to showcase his production it works but it's too long and starts to drag on and on.

I was pretty let down by all that I listened to from these mixtapes with the exception of a track here or there. Hopefully the next set of tapes I get to offers me a little bit more in terms of content.


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