As is Hip Hop Awards - Biggest Disappointment 2013

As always there are a bunch of albums that are looked for but unfortunately they tend to not be as good as the ideas coming in for them. Now sometimes this is a wide disparity between expectations and results sometimes it isn't as much but there is still a disappointment left after the album has been listened to even if in retrospect it gets listened to or becomes one of your favorites.

5. Lil Wayne - I am Not a Human Being 2

At this point when Wayne drops, people are meeting his music with shrugs as it isn't a lot of creativity to it and his raps have gotten stale over the past few years. He was able to have a decent single, courtesy of Future and Drake but that was about it until his mini controversy for stomping on an American Flag in a music video and then dropping on the Rich gang album which was about the same. It seems as though that 15 minutes is almost up for Weezy.

4. Meek Mill - Dreams and Nightmares

While the intro to the album knocks and bangs, Meeks album was wildly inconsistent and that definitely hurt. His lyricism was shown to be lacking and there was too much repetition in some of the choruses. He was able to get some singles off on the album but none of them really carried in the way they should have for a guy who entered the year with so much momentum.

3. Kanye West - Yeezus

Look Ye' did what he intended to do which was shake up the rap game but the overall impact was less than that of 808's and Heartbreaks and I'm pretty sure thats not what he was looking for. Maybe we will get it in hindsight but for now this album is mostly a head scratcher. Even while pushing the envelope style wise with his song construction, he failed to really push on a lot of concepts.

2. Drake - Nothing Was the Same

Look Drake has created high expectations for himself and this album doesn't really meet them. There seem to be a few lazy songs and lyrics and even his catchy tracks and big singles seem to be lacking on the drizzy scale. Then Drake channels his inner Memphis Bleek, getting outshined by Jay-Z on his own song which is pretty much the highlight of the album.

1. J. Cole - Born Sinner

J. Cole fans hate me but it's their own fault. if you're going to build a guy up on the level as the next Nas, he cannot follow up with a second, average album that doesn't shine. More superficial attempts to be conscious abound and Cole can't sell me on whatever his 'character' actually is. The single "Power trip" rocks but other than that the best song is a remake of TLC's "Unpretty" which is cool but not making me run it back multiple times. It seems unfortunate that one of the guys held up as the representatives of the new generation can't really get over no matter how much labels try to push him.


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