Indeoendent Wednesday

This week my first song is a single from a San Antonio, Texas rapper named GQ Marley. This song "Show That" is a dance song for sure. Ready for the clubs and the young generation. Honestly if you want something new to just 'turn up' to it works really well. It's a clean sound and fits right in professionally with anything you might hear today.

For more about GQ you can check his Facebook here or Twitter.

This next artist I found while checking out the song from GQ Marley actually. So see it works on Soundcloud when they randomly play your joints! Phranchize reminds me a lot of Big K.R.I.T. in that he has a socially street aware sound. the first song I heard echoed that and the subsequent songs didn't really change that. they can seem inconsistent because it is the South and sometimes things get real ratchet but he can rap.

The next submission is from OJ the King from Saginaw, Michigan. Stand up! Who has the usual type of song about coming up from the struggle but it's a good song. He has some decent flow and lyrics and the beat is straight too. You could definitely ride out to this one and for the most part though it is not particularly new subject matter, he does a good job with it. I was surprised at the quality of this one overall and that's a good thing.

The other songs on his soundclick page are attempts at having a female friendly radio single so I wasn't feeling those as much because they seemed to be trying too hard to make something happen and didn't work as well.


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