Album Review- DJ Khaled- Suffering From Success

DJ Khaled has been a summer staple with his compilation releases for about 5 summers. This year was the first time his album did not drop early on to be the summer soundtrack. Instead it came out at the beginning of the Fall. Let's see if the extra time was worth the delay.

The first song is "Suffering From Success" with Ace Hood and Future. Ace does his thing on the track, still showing he isn't comfortable and can still bring a hungry verse. The Future hook pretty much sucks. Like where is T-Pain at these days? Khaled then comes with "I Feel Like Pac, I Feel Like Biggie" which is a disappointing misuse of two hip-hop legend's names. Rick Ross, Swizz Beats, Puffy, Meek Mill, and TI. TI tries to put a spin on his verse using the song titles of the two icons and it's alright but it feels kind of lazy for some reason. Big Sean drops his turds first on "You Don't Want These Problems" then followed by a lazy Ross verse and French who brings some life to the song before 2 Chainz and Meek Mill round out the track.

"BlackBall" has Future struggling again as he talks about the haters who hold him, feature artist Plies, and Ace Hood down. Plies kind of fell off the radar and this isn't a great comeback to the spotlight. Lil Wayne holds down his on song on "No Motive" more random raps and some of the bars are decent it's just like hearing a freestyle. The more cultured artist set has Chris Brown, Wiz Khalifa, Wale, and Ace Hood on "I'm Still" letting everyone know they going to keep doing their thing. Future and Rick Ross tell Nicki Minaj how it is nothing to spoil her on "I wanna be with You" which is a generic radio friendly song that passes for a 'love song' or 'chick track'. Unfortunately they have Nicki singing lazily on the track and it comes across she was not interested at all.

The single that dropped so many months ago is the Drake led "No New Friends" which also features Rozay and Weezy. Khaled reggae artist Mavado gets to shine with Nicki on "Give it all To Me" and I wonder what happened to the reggae/rap trend that was popular for a while. J.Cole and his artist Bas get to switch things up and bring some depth to the album with "Hell's Kitchen". Which stands out because it is different and better than pretty much everything else on the album. Scarface talks about holding it down with your team and not trusting new faces on "No Surrender" which also has Jadakiss, Meek Mill, Akon, John Legend, and Anthony Hamilton. Yes, three freaking singers on one track is such overkill. But it's still better than "Murcielago Doors Go up" with Meek Mill and Birdman. Khaled's newest signee is Vado who gets his own chance to shine as well on  "Black Ghost". He brings the Harlem flow to the album but it sounds very erratic at first and his lines are tired and trying too hard to be lyrical yet gangster.

Look Khaled albums aren't for new ground but they are getting more and more tired every year. The songs all sound the same, and Khaled's annoying over dubs and ad-libs have run their course. this year's choice to have future do most of the hooks was a bad choice, his voice is annoying in anything but small doses and overall the album is so formulaic it's sickening. J.Cole has the highlight and No New Friends was a smash but outside of that this album is pretty much a waste of time, even when Ace Hood is getting a chance to shine.

Rating: 2/5


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