New York is Failing...

So I wanted to kind of stay away from this topic because I felt that it was stupid and I didn't know it was this serious but New Yorkers need to really start getting over themselves. Whenever someone makes a comment and says anything about New York City you have a group of guys who jump out to make comments and ignore the actual words and focus on this idea that you can't say anything involving the city without consent. Stop it. It's not like that.

Recently Trinidad James came out and said that the South runs New York. My first thoughts were- the nerve of this guy to say that. I mean Trinidad James is a horrible horrible artist and cannot rap. He has no standing to be critical about the state of hip-hop, but then again he does. He is the best example ever of how the south runs NY. Then there were his tweets afterward about the matter, which for me clarified a lot of what he was saying.

But of course, that isn't good enough for some people, like NY rapper Maino who I am a fan of. He went on nY radio to talk about how he felt and I'll say he went overboard with the idea that Trinidad was disrespecting NY by speaking out what turns out to be the truth about how New York treats it's up and coming artists. Maino is taking the Trick Trick approach of threatening and trying to intimidate as a means of getting 'respect' for himself and the city. How about instead of trying to put hands on people from out of town and create good music and give each other support.

This is the same annoying nonsense from New York rappers that happened after the Kendrick Lamar verse and there are some New Yorkers still salty and seething over him having the gall to use the phrase 'king of New York'. Honestly New Yorkers, you are not that special any longer the more quickly you can understand that, the more quickly you can once again prosper. It's always this thing where NY rappers thinks it's alright for them to complain about not getting support but then someone else comes and says the same thing and he's the villain? A west Coast guy comes and out raps them and now he's a "weirdo rapper"?

Point blank few New york rappers are charismatic and make good songs. Some like Maino are less than stellar lyricists though they have the passion that is believable. Then you have Papoose who is lyrical but who makes songs that suck and who are aggressive without having really good bars. Right now, NY needs to figure out how to get back to those Ja Rule/50 Cent days where you had a variety of sounds and subjects and were still able to make music good enough to be on the radio. I just can't believe that it's come to this, where everyone hears something and instead of fixing their own internal issues, they complain about everyone else instead of dealing with their actual issues.


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