Independent Wednesday

Sidney Leroy from the Bronx starts off this week with his song "ToeTag". This joint is definitely Southern Inspired with a riding and deep bass as he spits about killing the game, and catching bodies. But not murderous, he's talking about his numbers meaning who he has smashed. The sexual numbers. It's not anything that's great or original but it should fit into today's airplay. He can draw you in then hit you with something more laid back like a song he has called "Like it". I listened to his 'Devil is a Lie' freestyle and he can rap so don't be turned off by Toetag if it's not your type of song.

This next joint up is from Naj murphy off of his House A Rest mix tape from September. They are just getting to the visuals because Naj was literally on House Arrest. but he is a spitter. Check the word play on this soul sampled track that has an infectious drum break during the hook. I liked this joint a lot.

Third this week I'm going to give a shout to Tony Millions who comes to us bringing his remix to "Move That Dope" the Future and Pusha T hit. Now anyone is better than Future to begin with and Tony does a decent job on the track but I will say I think he was doing too much with the 'hook' that has the same style as his verses and it seems like he recorded all on one track, the second verse started off awkwardly. Now I did check out some of his other music and he was kind of erratic. Some of the verses were all over the place "Looks Like Gold", and others weren't that unique in terms of construction and content but they were well done "Premeditated". It's something I can caution young rappers about, you can't be all over the place with your flow and take your time.

Anyway here is his remake of move that dope.


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