Independent Wednesdays

I know I mistreat you guys sometimes but real work gets in the way sometimes. But enough about me because you're here to see what new music I have for you this week.

I checked out Young Twizzy first this week and was instantly irritated by what is a unremarkable, stereotypical new party track that everyone is doing these days. "I ain't Worried" uses all of the hallmarks today, auto tune, future-esque hook, large production and a weak unimaginative chorus as Twizzy tells us he isn't 'worried about a bitch' and some other things. Honestly, I tuned out withing 30 seconds. In fact if it weren't that the next sojng on soundcloud that popped up was "I Swear" Twizzy would have been garbage binned with the quickness. However, "I Swear" while not all that original is at least soulful and sounds like a real song that has some type of meaning. Most of his songs are of the same variety, some trendy auto tune and raps about smoking and what I call stunting. I listened to a song to his son which I thought was decent and it gives something that might be worth looking forward to beyond the other music that is only average to me at best.

Next up in a totally different style from the Chi than what has been popping lately. This is Livid Color with a more low key and deep introspective track from his new EP Epiconcious called "Be Here".

It's a very heavy and moody track.Other than this, Livid is a true underground sounding artist. Most of his songs remind me of 1am college radio hardcore hip-hop. It's kind of limiting because everything else is so heavy and atmospheric. I liked "Forbidden Fruit" but too many of the other songs were off beat and too esoteric for my tastes.

The third MC this week is from Richmond VA and goes by the name of Goldin. He has a different style and I can't really put him into a certain box other than to say he's not like Meek or Ross or someone. I think he moreso fits into the Common/Wale mold in some respects. Dude can rap though so that's what matters the most.

Goldin - Sanctified (Official Video) from Goldin on Vimeo.


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