Independent Wednesdays

This week I'm opening up with another artist from what ahs always been a booming West Coast Independent rap scene with Julian Rothschild. Now I can tell you I'm not feeling his music as much because it reminds me a lot of the over use of auto tune I have witnessed because it's trendy. I actually think he might be better off cutting back off of that and using his regular voice more especially during the verses since it doesn't do anything much to add to them. Especially on his song "Not Coming Down" where he does some interesting things in the delivery of the second verse.

The song he initially sent, "Trendsetter" he uses his regular verse more and I like it a little bit better. The songs themselves aren't getting new ground but they are solid in the pocket of what is popular now.

Taking it in another direction is Es who has a more conscious mindstate and focus. His newest project, "Aspire to Inspire" speaks volumes in the title alone. Now a lot of times you can have guys who have this angle and be have grimy production that can seem dull at times. Es doesn't fall victim to that with nice tracks that provide a balance between being entertaining themselves and allowing himself to put in that work. My favorite song on an early listen might be "For The Loot"

Es wastes no time or song with frivolous lyrics so if you like lyrics, and some consciousness and just quality songs, check out Es and then go to his bandcamp and drop a couple of dollars off to him to thank him for his music.

Third up this week is Ynga (Young-ah) is from the Bronx and currently lives in Worcester, MA and the joint he sent is called "Livin Too Wild" and it's off of an upcoming project he plans to talk about ' about anarchism, sex, drugs  and some dark life moments he's experienced ' on a project he calls "Wasted Youth". Now his soundcloud only has two joint but livin Too Wild is pretty tough. I like the beat how he spits and attacks the track.

The other track I heard sounded more like Drake and Wayne so I wasn't feeling it as much because it wasn't unique enough from a new artist to really stand out but it isn't a bad song from that perspective.


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