Independent Wednesdays

I'm back! Mostly because the wackness moved out of the way and I found some lil young dudes put some music in my gmail that isn't maybe the greatest thing as far as lyrics go, but Young Brizy from Jersey came with the Meek Mill style energy. I mean I feel like when he could have been in the hot 97 Roc-a-fella freestyle with the raw energy and flow. He also has some hooks to go with it.

This first joint he sent me was raw but it was still real cool.

I also liked this other one which seems a bit ratchet called "Hittas".

I can feel that there is talent there he just needs some direction. In the same vein Little Rock Rapper, Lil Futa sent me his links and this kid is right in the pocket for the young hip-hop market. The first track I listened to "what it Is" is some general radio flavor from today but it's cool. However listening further into his catalog we find some more up-north style raps and lyricism that I was totally not expecting. So I suggest you take a listen to what it is then go through and see what else catches your attention from Futa.


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