Album Review- Mac Miller - GO:OD AM

I remember when Mac Miller first hit the scene along the same time as Wiz Khalifa and Asher Roth (who had all the money behind him) and it was questionable if he would have staying power. Was he just another gimmick white rapper in the hope of being the next Eminem? What Mac did was build upon his independent fun loving buzz fueled by the weed smoking counter culture. His second album got him some respect but those around the industry had that idea floating that drugs and partying were kind of bringing him down. After a bit of a hiatus, Mac has gotten things back together and his latest album, the first one on a major label, "GO:OD am"

The first single from the album is called "Brand Name" which has a nice laid back soul sample in it and crisp drums where Mac raps a bit about consumption and how it is kind of meaningless in and of itself, especially for those who identify themselves by these things. "100 Grandkids" flips the idea that his mother want's grand children with himself getting 100 grand as a kid and being able to hustle and make money which takes precedence over having kids. The beat for the song is enveloping but still feels a little more like Blue Slide Park Mac that he has moved away from.

"In The Bag" is a banger for the whip or the club which isn't about nothing but Mac needs to push this as a single. "Break The Law" has a distinct feel to it and I can't quite put my hands on it, it's crisp, with the topic being getting money and getting high, but it's a cool little joint. "Perfect Circle/ God Speed" is a more introspective song combo on the album with Mac doing the 'dealing with success' song and God speed is about those relationships which inevitably fall off. "When in Rome" is another raucous joint perfect for the turn up.

Now as far as features, the album is kind of limited, Ab soul joins Mac on "Two Matches" which is a nice jazzy composition."Time Flies" features weirdo Lil B talking on the track. Chief Keef is on "Cut The Check", while Miguel handles the chorus duties on "Weekend".

There are a lot of songs on the album and none of them are bad but at the same time Mac Miller's voice and production are a bit monotone. Then there are no exceptionally deep tracks and the topics of money, fun, and drugs get typically boring after a while even when his is rapping pretty well. I like a few of the songs but there is nothing on the album that makes me feel like I will have to listen to it multiple times. For some people In The Bag and When in Rome might be upbeat enough to get into someone's rotation but for me I can't really listen to Mac for a long time. This is a step back to the Mac Miller that first hit the scene but not an overall improvement from his debut.

Rating: 2.5/5


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