Independent Wednesday

This week a Boston rapper who goes by the name of "Greatness" is our first up. Now with a rap name like that there is a lot of hype to live up to. For me he isn't quite there but there is some potential in this song it didn't start out very strong to me until the beat kind of broke down a bit and came back in when Greatness hit his stride. As for the track it is a straight forward rap track for the most part but it is filled in with rock guitars and it plays well especially during the verses. Now I'm not a fan of the hook but the song is decent overall. I tried to download his latest mixtape from his site but it  didn't work for me.

Next up is Shade Gang Crazy with a new song called "#OhYes". Shade Gang is made up of Cashbilz and Cool r the Don who are two solo artists coming together for a full project even though they pretty much work together often. The song is very busy with a fast tempo snare. Verses are alright nothing crazy to write home about but this is more of a song that fits in at the parties and last few cookouts of the year. The hook could have been more crisp and better done to really make it into a banger.

To finish up this week we're going to head down south to the A for artist Kristopher (formerly Kris J) who sent in some music for the 25 and under crowd. His song "Dope Lady" has the current sound of rap music in the mainstream down pat from the tweaked effects on his voice which I completely dislike to the beat and the way the hook is made. Now I also checked "Curtis Snow" on his sound cloud which was much better to me although the hook is weak to me, the young crowd will mess with it heavy. For me, I wouldn't listen to it too much cause it's not for my generation.


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