Gucci Mane- Back to the Traphouse

Well i finally brought myself to listen to this Gucci Mane and I must say that i am surprised somewhat. Atlanta is on the map now and in a big way, it seems as if 2/3rds of all the new artists are from the A.

The album starts off strong with the new stripper album, "Freaky Gurl" the remix featuring Lil' Kim and Ludacris. Don't think there is much to say about this song we've heard it and know what it's about. (though this is what made Lil' Kim hot in the first place trust me). The rest of the album, is more of the same after this, although not as "freaky". The entire album sounds like the soundtrack to Strokers or some other ATL institution of exotic dancing.

Gucci does reach out his hand to get the Game on a track as well as Trey Songz, providing a departure from the average southern album. This could be because Gucci is outside of the traditional circles via his "beef" with Young Jeezy. New signee to Icey ENT., Shawnna shows up on "I Might Be" where the beat sounds like an extra from the d4L album. The Game's verse on the track does impress as usual.

as far as lyrics go, there isn't much to say. From what I can understand there is absolutely no content here. And this sin't even a bad thing, because you can't even attribute the normal negativity of southern rap to Gucci. This is literally a pop in the whip for the bump in the trunk cd, the raps are an afterthought for the most part. The one song where Gucci tries too hard to change up the pace is "G-Love" which is like the bastard child of many LL Cool J songs, only southern fried.

"Stash House" and "I Move Chickens" sit up to be hustle tales, but Gucci is more of a Young Dro than Young Jeezy, a bunch of items get listed, and he lets the beats do the work. The album ends with Shawnna carrying "Ballers" and Gucci playing second fiddle.

The album is nothing impressive unless you count that it isnt really as bad as it could have been. After 30 minutes, Gucci's verion of "Yeeeaaaahhhh" does become annoying but that is possibly the worst thing I can actually say about the album, however that doesn't make it a classic in and of itself.

Rating: 2.5/5


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