More useless rapper-Ace Hood or Chopper City?

Honestly, I don't even know why I'm going to dedicate an entire blog to either one of these users but I am. Maybe it's because I just wish that they would both disappear into the annals of hip-hop and never ever return. I mean Young Berg fell off of the planet why do i have to keep seeing these two guys whom I have never seen nor heard anyone say that they like or even listen to.

I mean dude's punchlines are so wack an 8 year old could spit some better rhymes. Suddenly after Puffy, he became the new Scarface or some shit? All of these ridiculous tattoos weak songs and fronting rented out lifestyle are very irritating. Even this video doesn't make sense, he shows a chain then it disappears, he's listening to a voice mail yet talking to the phone at the same time. WTF is this shit really?

Now Ace Hood is ultimately wack, lame and etc but at leats he has the budget to do a decent video though I wonder how much money Def Jam is going to let Khaled keep wasting on this guy. I know they need tax write-offs but this is ridiculous. They would be better off donating to a charity of some sort.


  1. ACe Hood is Garbage cant feel him cuz he aint a real nigga


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