Wack on Wack on wack

So for three weeks my homeboy is asking me if I heard of YC and or this Racks on Racks song. He tells me there is a bidding war or some shit going on and to this date I still don't know if it is true, but all I know is I heard that bullshit for the first time today, seeing the video on Deathstarhiphop.com (that's what I'm calling it now). I have to say, what the hell has happened to music when this hot doo-doo is the newest thing that's popping?

Between Lil B being absolutely ridiculous, to YC, to Kevin Hart's Chocolate Drop comedy videos which I feel might compel him to do an actual album, to 50 Tyson we have sunken to the depths of what the fuckism. Yes that is made up, yes it seems elitist but I have to have some kind of standard. Everyone cannot be accepted for doing whatever they want. If I go to my job and just haphazardly do it, my boss isn't going to just say that's ok. In fact it doesn't matter how good it even is really these days they still want more and better. Yet, hip-hop's newest generation is on this "don't tell me I'm not good, don't tell me you expect better, this is me now accept it" shit and while on the one hand it can be empowering, but as with anything, when taken too far it just diminishes the entire concept.

For instance, let's say Lil B was actually gay instead of being a dude who just does gay (meaning punk ass which is even disrespectful to homosexuals, stereotypical and demeaning) shit and has the Kanye arrogance, I could go ahead and respect his potential album title, and concepts. As it stands, I have not heard one song from him that was consistent in topic from bar to bar. His forced lisp and lame ass dance moves just strike me as the new Malibu's Most Wanted, only taken serious by unsuspecting fools people.

You really think that was a hot rap? That's why I fear this whole Chocolate Drop thing from Kevin Hart. Right now he might be the pound for pound funniest person on the planet when he does his stand-up routine. Hell Chocolate Droppa is a mockery of 50 Tyson and these other foolish rappers because at least 50 has an actual reason. It's like if people keep laughing, why wouldn't he throw an album out there on itunes and have people pick it up because they are laughing, yet playing it at the same time. Especially when it has some type of hot beat on it and he comes up with a couple of good/funny bars.

Once again, how is that any worse than this Lil B character? Now this YC dude is bad because the song is mad annoying, it isn't even up to date, it sounds like its 2 years old already. Now I know I will listen to some people that really should never be allowed to spit, Noreaga, Diamond, Gucci on occasion has a banger, Young Dro, but none of them are as bad as this cat. The slight auto-tune, the lyrics about absolutely nothing, the fake money being tossed in the video are all cliches but are treated as if they are brand new concepts. The one thing about Travis Porter that I have to respect, is their video creativity-this shit right here...none of that. Please younger generation I implore you, get some sense of artistry and self-respect.


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