Romanticising the Hip-Hop

As a person who is now entering his 30's and having been listening avidly to rap for the past 20 years I can say that at times, I too tend to hold on to the past a bit more than I should. Many of the artists I grew up on I hold in a slightly higher regard than artists who are similar to them today just because they were of my generation. Some with good reason, others, I look at and wish they had never received my support because now, they were the precursors of today's wack ass rappers whom I see right through.

Noreaga might be the biggest example of this. Hell, who didn't like N.O.R.E., the War Report with Capone was a fucking classic. He didn't write his rhymes totally himself, and the ill production mixed with the feel and rawness of the time held it up. Then with Capone locked up, Nore built upon the momentum with several solo efforts, each of which got progressively worse until he even tried to capitalize off of the short lived Reggaetton movement. Bu it was cool because he was from Queens and he would be the worst rapper ever right?

Another group that only some real hip-hop heads will really know is Camp Lo. I bring them up because they along with Pete Rock, have a new song out. These dudes have some of the illest flows ever, use some nice slang but don't talk about shit! Now I loved their debut album but if I act like they were actually talking about something I would be a liar. Think The Cool Kids with soul sounding production and that's Camp Lo. See it works sometimes but if I treat them as some of the best of all time, I'd be fooling myself and even worse lying to you all who happen to come by and read this blog.

Now another duo that when you look back all I hear is wackness is Nice and Smooth. Greg Nice might be one of the worst rappers ever. I mean have you ever found yourself reciting a rhyme from Nice and Smooth? Nope, not at all. Now I'm going to step on some toes with this next one.

Jadakiss. Now while most people always bring up Sheek Louch for some reason, I would say Kiss. He is very disappointing and if he makes one more coke that you need the scales they weigh whales with reference I will scream. He has said it on at least three different occasions and I have yet to actually believe him. His flow is monotone and his punchlines just aren't that slick. The bad part is he is going to be the best rapper on a list like this but his skills are vastly overrated thus his inclusion on the list. Kiss is one guy I never rush out to look forward to an album or a song from because I already know what it's going to be. Who else out there is a rapper that you held in high regard that you now look at and wonder why?


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