Album Review- Japiro-Conspirocy

For the first time I will take the pleasure of doing a review of one of my people's albums. I'll let you know from the jump I will be slightly biased with this because this is a dude I've know for damn near 15 years, and I'm proud to say that he didn't just give me some garbage to listen to and co-sign. Japiro- an independent artist from Baltimore, has given me the best and most complete album of his career to date. So for my independent music lovers, here is my album review of Japiro's new album, Conspirocy.

Japiro always starts off his albums with a personal salvo about where he has gotten to in his life and a new perspective over the first joint and this one is one of the best, production is tight as is the story and flow. "I Hustle" has a smooth seventies vibe to it though it isn't the most unique concept obviously. Piro aggressively courts a woman on "I Wanna" but a better relationship is the thematic "A Different World" which is a pleasant walk in the park where he also uses the hit show from the 90's metaphorically.

"Hard Times" featuring Eddie Numbers is about persevering and has a jazzy flow that is like a less aggressive cut from the American Gangster album of a couple of years ago. "Trouble Seemed So Far Away" channels the late 80's with a good sample usage about how quick things could change up. A simple beat backs "The High Life" and the production on "No Love in Sight" is about reflecting on the potential of having a child and the timing of a pregnancy.

On "Marlon Brando" Panama and Ray Vic help hold down the most aggressive track on the album in what is just a straight forward lyrical joint over a beat full of crashing pianos and violins. "Cold Worlds" featuring LW with a poem at the end isn't one of my must plays but some people will find a place for it. "Say Goodbye" is a throwback to the more arrogant Japiro with a classic rap hook.

Overall I was impressed with the production and quality of the music on this independent release. Everything went together nicely though something more uptempo would have been nice to break up the sometimes dour mood of the album. Bonus track "Planking on a Million" serves some of that but is still slightly heavy as is much of the album. Many independent artists could take lessons from Japiro when it comes to putting an album together however, and he still has skills. It has been interesting to watch his progression and the addition of true depth to his music but I would still like to see more of a concept and original direction instead of songs like "I Hustle", but in the end this is undoubtedly a success. For more about Japiro and the album- click here


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